Supernatural Review: Young Blood

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It's pretty common place that in a series like Supernatural, the major story arc and mythology-heavy episodes - such as "Goodbye Stranger" - are followed with a more or less stand-alone focus on some monster of the week.

I didn't mind taking the break, even if I was still contemplating what a little Megstiel action might be like for the show or even what the angel tablet could do in the grand scheme of things. Yet, at the same time, I was worried that the hour might end up turning into something more along the lines of "Man's Best Friend With Benefits" or perhaps "Bitten."

Except there was something fun and very old school about "Freaks and Geeks."

Dangerous Orphans

My first thought about introducing a school for hunters immediately shifted towards the X-Men, although the pint size warriors had intensely lethal killing skills rather than laser vision or telekinesis.

I liked bringing back Krissy Chambers from the Supernatural season 7 episode, "Adventures in Babysitting," so it wasn't completely random characters that Sam and Dean interacted with. She was her usual sassy self but far more dangerous than before.

The whole concept of training the young hunters was fantastic, although I did wish maybe there were more than three. That said, the small focus - in addition to revealing that the kids had normal and successful lives while hunting - brought up an interesting aspect.

Is it really possible to have both?

At the same time, what age is too young to hunt? After all, Sam and Dean have been involved in the business since they were little. Sure, Dean could argue "look how we turned out," but despite certain misgivings, they've done pretty okay, found a great brotherly relationship... and saved the world. Multiple times.

More so, the whole business of fighting monsters no matter what age really reinforces the idea that once a hunter, always a hunter. Except, when it comes to training them, it helps not having a lonely hunter manipulating them.

I had a feeling it wasn't going to work out, and I was a little bummed. It would have been interesting to actually see a school grow rather than have a crazy person kill off families in order to push them towards revenge.

Yes, Dean did friend a vampire in Benny, but it was nothing like what Victor chose to do. And Victor may have helped turn the three hunters into strong, confident and well trained hunters, but the dark path to get there was definitely the wrong one.

So, it was great when Krissy was able to swiftly take out the vampire with those bullets to the eye, but I was actually worried that she might kill Victor as well. I was concerned that her age or emotions would get the best of her, even with Dean trying to convince her to put the weapon down.

Each click of the gun, followed by the drop of the bullets was a good moment for Krissy. She spared the man, even though she never would forget what he had done. It was like a mic drop for sure.

But I wasn't ready for the suicide by Victor. That completely took me by surprise. He was definitely a broken man from losing his family.

I would definitely be willing to see Krissy and crew return, and seeing Sam and Dean deal with kids again made me think what it would in fact be like if either of them had kids in the future. I know Dean's had some experience with Ben, but I think when it came down to it, they would end up doing right by whatever might be in store.

That's a long way off, if at all, but it still does reinforce the goal of that happy ending. Which is really along those lines of closing the gates of hell, something I'm glad Sam and Dean brought up and wasn't completely ignored. Although, I'm surprised there was no mention of Castiel leaving or Meg sacrificing herself.

This wasn't a scary episode or even one filled with major monsters, but incorporating a trio of youthful hunters with Sam and Dean getting involved was some old school classic Supernatural. It was an enjoyable little shift from the larger story, but I'm really excited to see and get back to what the trials and tablets will end up meaning for the Winchester brothers.


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Does anybody know what song that was in the beginning of the episode


"Shut up or I'll punch you" after Dean told her he was proud of her was too much. I get that they were trying to make her witty and tough but that was obnoxious and rude.


Okay, bunch of kids playing x-men. Got Jenson to have some nice moments.Over it. Bring back Crowley!!!


Hunters need to return to SPN. The whole hunting theme is sadly lacking these days. Hunters should be seeking out Sam and Dean for their experience. They should be phoning Sam and Dean with questions. Sam and Dean are the sons of John Winchester, and they also learnt from Bobby. I would like to see the return of interesting hunters, as well as Death, Balthazar, Lucifer, and Meg. Looking forward to seeing Crowley next episode. (I miss Bobby and Rufus).


This Krissy episode was boring & pointless. A terrible script, and obnoxious cast. This story had nothing to do with anything! If Jensen & Jared needed a week off, then give us a Cas episode! To watch unlikeable characters for a whole episode, is robbery. How can I buy S8 DVDs - I don't want this garbage in my collection. We pay $$ for our DVDs and conventions. Loved 'Goodbye Stranger', and I'm looking forward to seeing Crowley in the next episode - but I cannot buy S8. I feel hurt and cheated that the writers/producers treat the fans with such contempt, and give us dumb Garth, Kevin & Charlie rot. Only 3 episodes in S8 are worth re-watching. And please, do not even think about bringing boring Amelia back!


@Richard. You have a point. Naomi may not be an angel, because Crowley knows her. Crowley is not that old - remember, he was from Scotland and couple of hundred years back. Meg was ancient, which is why she knew Lucifer. Perhaps Naomi is another "fallen" angel in the bad sense (different from Cas, who is essentially good). Did Lucifer make flapping sounds? I think that Michael cut Lucifer's wings off before he was cast down. Perhaps Naomi had her wings cut off. She must be powerful, because she got Cas out of Purgatory. Whoever she is, she is an interesting character, and I wish they would show more of her.


Terrible, terrible episode. Krissy was an obnoxious brat - why was she brought back? She was terrible in S7, so why bring her back? What a waste of an episode! Pure garbage. Unwatchable. Do the writers think that smarmy brats are what we want to watch? In S8, the writers seem to be constantly forcing unlikeable characters - ie Kevin, Garth, Amelia, Mrs. Tran, and Charlie - down our throats. Bitten was an absolute disgrace, and now we had this rot. And tell me - why was Sam tied to a chair??? Sam and Dean are the stars of the show, not an obnoxious "know it all". Please, writers no more garbage. Give us some more good episodes like Goodbye Stranger.


Re-watched the end of last weeks ep, Goodbye Stranger, and noticed something odd. Crowley is talking to Naomi face to face. Then, while still talking, he turns his back to her. When he turns around again to look at her, she's gone. The odd part is,,,there wasn't any sound. No sound of wings,,,she just silently disappeared. When Castiel and other Angels left/disappeared, there has always been the sound of their wings flapping. But not with Naomi. What if she isn't an Angel? And if she isn't an Angel,,,what could she be?


@shelly1 My interpretation of it is that demons can learn the ability to shift between Hell and the Earthly plane; which was one of the things that Kevin read out in the episode "A Little Slice of Kevin" and that Crowley proclaimed that he already knew, obviously.
A fully open Hell's Gate like we saw in "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2" allows anything and everything - human souls like John included - to just walk out. It's a bit harder otherwise, but there's no barrier to stop demons from getting through if they know how.


It wasn't terrible (like Bitten) but it wasn't one of the best. The part that made me laugh is how Victor waited for Sam to wake up so he could explain to him how he was going to kill him. Hahaha Next week looks awesome. Can't wait!

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