Supernatural Review: Shut Up, Meg!

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As much as I enjoy a decent Monster of the Week episode, there's something rather exciting about expanding upon the Supernatural mythology and delving into the battle that is angels and demons.

And while investigating witches or fighting Greek gods have been that okay foray into the Winchester World, getting back on the trail of searching for the hidden God tablets and the return of Castiel was the much needed resurgence for the series.

"Goodbye Stranger" was full of great moments, lines, twists and character decisions to conjure up excitement for what's to come as we drive closer towards the finale. Even the concluding song of the title's same name was a great way to wrap it all up.

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It's been a while since we've seen Castiel, almost too long, even though I've enjoyed the brothers working together as a team. Certainly their new home at the Men of Letters lair has been the right touch and transition for their work, as well as chance to dig into what they love (Sam for knowledge, Dean for first edition Asian porn).

Yet, the mysterious and controlling Naomi had been able to completely brainwash Castiel into carrying out her crusade of killing demons and tracking down the angel tablet. He was a zombie-like Terminator who I couldn't help but keep comparing him to Zoolander prepping to kill the prime minister of Malaysia. Although, I'm sure some might agree to Castiel being really really ridiculously good looking.

It was definitely an odd reunion for him and the boys. He's always been a little off in his demeanor, but it was a part of his charm. Here, he was a Zero Dark Thirty machine precisely eliminating demons and sort of ignoring Sam and Dean.

At the same time, Meg made her own return appearance and in pretty much one fell swoop won me over. She's always been fair enough, but I've been less on board with her dry remarks and actions when with the brothers.

This time around, new blonde hair and all, she was full of clever one-liners and a flirty charm that worked when she was hitting on Castiel. Sure, she's a demon and he's an angel, but there was something fun about the two of them having a rapport including talking about the pizza man.

Could it have worked? I guess we'll never know, but I was willing to see where a little Megstiel action decided to go.

More so, I enjoyed Meg's heart to heart with Sam, discussing his normal life and magical unicorn. I get that she's been untrustworthy with the brothers, so I don't blame Sam for not wanting to talk, but Meg proved herself this go around.

She stood up to Crowley, held him off Sam and Dean in order for them to escape, all before getting even more beat up (after a year of torture under the King of Hell) and then killed. Wow. And I really was all ready for her to join the team.

Goodbye stranger for sure.

And yet, Castiel had become a stranger as well. It was a very intense and creepy standoff between the angel and Dean, after they discovered the tablets. His stare down was cold, and you could see a certain wariness in Dean's eyes. Two friends fighting was not the happy reunion that should have been.

On top of that, was Castiel attacking Dean over and over for the tablet until the Winchester was battered, bloody and bruised. It was heartbreaking to watch the angel feel so conflicted as he tried to break free from Naomi's grasp at the same time Dean cried out weakly for Castiel to stop because they are family.

I really wasn't sure if Castiel could break free. It was wild that touching the tablet and Dean's pleas snapped him back under his own control. Still, the angel flew the coop leaving the brothers to fend for themselves again.

What is Castiel going to do with the tablet by himself? I hope he finds his way back to Sam and Dean again. The three of them are a family.

Such is even more so fact with Sam agreeing to tell the truth (a conversation that sounded very familiar, but I was happy he decided to), along with Dean famously quoting Lord of the Rings and carrying Sam rather than his burden. I liked the reiteration of the brother bond and length they will go for each other.

The coming together and breaking apart again was pretty dramatic, especially with Castiel finding freedom and Meg meeting her end. There's just something about the angels and demons that feels entertaining, so that added to the character mix was a wonderful delight. Really there was just so much enjoyable that this has to be one of my more favorite episode of Supernatural Season 8. With more episodes like this, I can't wait to see how the season concludes.

A few other random things I noticed:

  • Not sure if we've ever had a demon with curlers before.
  • I loved the Family guy reference with "Shut up, Meg!"
  • The Crowley and Naomi standoff really showed how much the two loathe each other. It also affirmed that Naomi is indeed an angel, right?
  • Meg described Sam's year off perfectly: "I laughed, I cried, I puked in my mouth a little."
  • A hobbit quote to reassure your brotherly love is always ok, as long as it's from the Rudy hobbit.

What did you think of the episode? Castiel and Meg? The fight for the tablets? Sound off below and watch a promo for next week's "Freaks and Geeks."


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@Richard. Demons don't have to be stabbed in the heart, just deep enough by an angel blade, or by the demon knife. Unfortunately, Meg 'sparked' which means she's dead. I'm hoping that some of the angel energy which has affected her will bring her back to life.


@Ashley. Why do you think Meg ws boring? She flirted with Cas because she was burned in the holy fire (remember, when he trod on her). I don't think at all that it was done to "give him a love interest that wasn't Dean." Cas IS a unicorn - he is a unique creature. Meg was "affected" by the holy fire, and then by the angel kiss. I liked Meg, and I thought she and Cas had chemistry. (Sam and Amelia had NO chemistry, neither did Lisa and Dean). Supernatural needs female characters - but good ones like Meg, Naomi and Abaddon. Naomi is great, and should have featured a lot more in S8 instead of Amelia.


Meg has been incredibly boring since the very beginning. They threw in her flirting with Cas because they wanted to give him a love interest that wasn’t Dean. I about threw up when she called him her “unicorn�. Her having those kind of feelings out of the blue was uncalled for and completely out of character.
BTW: Was Crowley dying Meg’s hair just him having a blonde kink or…?
I don’t think Naomi is an angel. I think they made a point to not add in the wing fluttering nose.
Most importantly: WHAT IS CROWLEY? If he was around in Mesopotamia, then his entire background story was fabricated and he is MUCH older than they claim him to be. Could he and Naomi be some kind of gods?


Re-watched the end of last weeks ep, Goodbye Stranger, and noticed something odd. Crowley is talking to Naomi face to face. Then, while still talking, he turns his back to her. When he turns around again to look at her, she's gone. The odd part is,,,there wasn't any sound. No sound of wings,,,she just silently disappeared. When Castiel and other Angels left/disappeared, there has always been the sound of their wings flapping. But not with Naomi. What if she isn't an Angel? And if she isn't an Angel,,,what could she be? As for Meg, when Crowley stabbed her she "sparked." He stabbed her in the stomach. Don't demons have to be stabbed in the heart to kill them?


Best episode of S8. Loved Meg. Hoping that she will be brought back to life. Castiel is great, as always. Lots of chemistry between Cas and Meg. Unfortunately, we didn't see enough of Meg. She should have been used a lot more. Love Naomi. Please bring back Meg, Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Balthazar. The demons and angels stories are the best. I want to see Lucifer take on Crowley!


When Crowley is back you know it's gonna be Awesome!!!
Great stuff :D


Meg knew she was sacrificing herself so Sam and Dean could escape. There was no time for them to save her, and all three of them knew it. The brothers had to high-tail it out of there while Meg kept Crowley occupied or he would have killed them, too. That was her final gift to them, making her death all the sadder. I hope Cas resurrects her, preferably as a human. She deserves a small reward for helping them over the last two years, and suffering Crowley's torture.


Meg was a very likeable character, and was loyal to Sam and Dean. She helped them stop the Leviathan. She was also loyal to Castiel, and stayed with him when Dean had his "tantrum", and left Cas in the hospital. She saved Sam and Dean from Demons many times. (She was always an honourable demon, who was loyal to Lucifer). She was hurt when she discovered that Sam didn't try to find her. Dean and Cas were in Purgatory, so it was up to Sam. Sam was not only disloyal to his brother, but to her as well. Hope Meg is brought back to life by Cas (or Lucifer).


Great episode - love the angels & demons stories. Wish that Lucifer had guards minding his crypts, though. I hope also to see Lucifer return to fight Crowley. Love Naomi - she is mysterious. Why did she want Dean dead? Is there more to the story? I detested the whole Amelia story, but I think that the writers can save S8 if Naomi has a bigger part to play. Could SHE have been Amelia? Could SHE have stopped Sam from looking for Dean? Sam didn't even react when Dean returned from Purgatory, remember? Also, Sam deserted Kevin, and he got Martin killed. He was adamant about killing Benny, when he knew that Benny was harmless. Perhaps Sam was "brainwashed" by Naomi.


Great episode. Love the angels and demons theme. However, I have questions -why would Dean want to give Kevin the angel tablet to translate? Firstly, why translate it, as it would lead to the closing of heaven (which would be against God's law, as angels have been travelling to earth on His command since biblical times). Secondly, why would Dean give Kevin the tablet to translate, seeing as though this annoying prophet can't even translate the Demon tablets? Thirdly, a human possessing the angel tablet would be a bad thing, as Crowley could always find it and steal it. Castiel was right to take the tablet from Dean. Hope he finds a good hiding place.

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