Supernatural Review: Young Blood

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It's pretty common place that in a series like Supernatural, the major story arc and mythology-heavy episodes - such as "Goodbye Stranger" - are followed with a more or less stand-alone focus on some monster of the week.

I didn't mind taking the break, even if I was still contemplating what a little Megstiel action might be like for the show or even what the angel tablet could do in the grand scheme of things. Yet, at the same time, I was worried that the hour might end up turning into something more along the lines of "Man's Best Friend With Benefits" or perhaps "Bitten."

Except there was something fun and very old school about "Freaks and Geeks."

Dangerous Orphans

My first thought about introducing a school for hunters immediately shifted towards the X-Men, although the pint size warriors had intensely lethal killing skills rather than laser vision or telekinesis.

I liked bringing back Krissy Chambers from the Supernatural season 7 episode, "Adventures in Babysitting," so it wasn't completely random characters that Sam and Dean interacted with. She was her usual sassy self but far more dangerous than before.

The whole concept of training the young hunters was fantastic, although I did wish maybe there were more than three. That said, the small focus - in addition to revealing that the kids had normal and successful lives while hunting - brought up an interesting aspect.

Is it really possible to have both?

At the same time, what age is too young to hunt? After all, Sam and Dean have been involved in the business since they were little. Sure, Dean could argue "look how we turned out," but despite certain misgivings, they've done pretty okay, found a great brotherly relationship... and saved the world. Multiple times.

More so, the whole business of fighting monsters no matter what age really reinforces the idea that once a hunter, always a hunter. Except, when it comes to training them, it helps not having a lonely hunter manipulating them.

I had a feeling it wasn't going to work out, and I was a little bummed. It would have been interesting to actually see a school grow rather than have a crazy person kill off families in order to push them towards revenge.

Yes, Dean did friend a vampire in Benny, but it was nothing like what Victor chose to do. And Victor may have helped turn the three hunters into strong, confident and well trained hunters, but the dark path to get there was definitely the wrong one.

So, it was great when Krissy was able to swiftly take out the vampire with those bullets to the eye, but I was actually worried that she might kill Victor as well. I was concerned that her age or emotions would get the best of her, even with Dean trying to convince her to put the weapon down.

Each click of the gun, followed by the drop of the bullets was a good moment for Krissy. She spared the man, even though she never would forget what he had done. It was like a mic drop for sure.

But I wasn't ready for the suicide by Victor. That completely took me by surprise. He was definitely a broken man from losing his family.

I would definitely be willing to see Krissy and crew return, and seeing Sam and Dean deal with kids again made me think what it would in fact be like if either of them had kids in the future. I know Dean's had some experience with Ben, but I think when it came down to it, they would end up doing right by whatever might be in store.

That's a long way off, if at all, but it still does reinforce the goal of that happy ending. Which is really along those lines of closing the gates of hell, something I'm glad Sam and Dean brought up and wasn't completely ignored. Although, I'm surprised there was no mention of Castiel leaving or Meg sacrificing herself.

This wasn't a scary episode or even one filled with major monsters, but incorporating a trio of youthful hunters with Sam and Dean getting involved was some old school classic Supernatural. It was an enjoyable little shift from the larger story, but I'm really excited to see and get back to what the trials and tablets will end up meaning for the Winchester brothers.


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I liked tonight's episode. It was cool to see Krissy again. I'm kind of confused. Weren't the gates to hell already closed in the episode "All Hell Breaks Loose part 2?" When Jake used the colt to open it and let all those demons out including the boys father, then Bobby and Ellen closed it. Why do Sam and Dean need to close it again? And no I checked, it was not a portal to Hell it really was the Gate to Hell. The one Samuel Colt built a devil's trap around. Can someone please enlighten me?


Boring, boring, boring episonde - also Krissy is an extremely unlikeable and obnoxious brat. Season 8 has been dreadful and bringing Krissy back was a bad, bad idea. Why do you do this, show???? The MOW eps this season have been particularly weak, and the mytharc not much better. If anything, Season 8 will be remembered for its plethora of unlikeable, irritating and COMPETELY POINTLESS characters - Amelia, Krissy, Kevin and his mom, Garth, and, to come extent, Charlie (although she's the best of a bad bunch.) I wish Benny had been better used and not as a wedge between the brothers. He had potential - and where's the ALPHA VAMP?


@Shaerra - weak one at that. Dean is like twice Krissy's age, Garth as the comic relief/"Bobby" character, built-in sexual tension between Krissy and Aiden, blah, blah, blah...sigh, how cliche can you get? BORING!!!


I liked this episode but thought that Sam and Dean looked old. Were they sick when they did this episode?


I think this was a good episode... Very solid and I liked the idea of younger hunters taking up the mantle... However, Victor was a complete idiot... Why didn't he go after kids who really had dead families due to monsters? Then send them on real cases??? He had a great idea, just was poorly executed... Meanwhile I am starting to think the "Closing gates of hell" is a bad idea because where do all the bad people go if they don't go there? Remember, demons were people once too so... And also the other monsters don't go away if hell gets closed so... Maybe the writers need to think about that...


The kids were definitely cocky. I loved the part where Aiden(?) has his gun pointed at Dean. Then Dean says "I'm only going to tell/ask you one more time to take that gun off me." (something to that effect) Then Aiden kind of smirks as if to say "what you going to do about it, geezer/old man?" Then Dean takes the gun from him before he can even react. Loved the "how did he do that?" look on Aiden's face. lol


I have to say I have not watched Supernatural for some years now so I don't know what is going on a lot of the time. I have really started paying attention again since Arrow is the lead in for this show. Networks need to remember to pair good shows helps with the ratings. NBC are you stars before Grimm...Really? Oh I wish Grimm was on the CW! Back on track now. I have to say I am enjoying this show a lot this year. I like the fact that they show you the back story before the show helps. I agree this show did seem like they were trying to test a spin-off which I would watch. Keep up the good work writers and actors.


i have a question, why do they talk about "closing the gates of hell" as some magical cure from all things that go bump in the night? doesn't it just off all the demons in hell? what about vampires, werewolves, shifters, ghosts, wendigos and numerous others? i mean they don't even go to hell after they die, we now know they go to purgatory?


One word: boring.


Ep was solid in acting and production, but not a single surprise, i had the plot sussed within minutes, so in that regard, it was a bit boring. I really, really don't want to see the idea of hunter school explored, I want the hunting lifestyle to be crappy, with awful hotel rooms and diner food, it's not a life anyone would choose - it ads some gritty realism that's missing in other supernatural shows - and reinforces the heroic, altruistic impulses of the Winchester Bros. There have been two eps this season (Freaks and Geeks, Man's Best Friend With Benefits) that have ripped ideas from Charmed, and (shudder) I didn't watch that when it aired, I don't want it leeching into my Supernatural. PS - Castiel was mentioned as the show opened, Sam wanted to discuss how the angel had whaled on Dean, and Dean suggested getting herbal tea.

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