Shameless Review: Hell Froze Over

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Tensions were high on this week's episode of Shameless. In "Order Room Service" Fiona looked into living in Michigan with Jimmy, but received some surprising news.

Frank was looking for his latest scheme and found help from one of his sons.

Fiona Goes Camping

After the disaster that was Frank's time on the public speaking circuit, he was once again kicked to the curb. I guess the gay marriage advocates and conversion therapy supporters realized that Frank Gallagher wasn't worth all their time, money or effort after all. 

Frank knows he's not welcome in his house since the custody battle (didn't Jimmy change the locks?). With Karen back at Sheila's, Frank couldn't seem to find shelter at any of his usual haunts. Even the train's not an option these days! Who do you think smelled worse in that train car, Frank or the usual bum who claimed it as his territory? 

Your turf? What is this West Side Story? | permalink

Carl and Debbie have always been the ones to forgive Frank first, but Debbie has been less forgiving since the incident when Frank broke her log cabin replica. Everyone knows Frank told Carl he has cancer, but Carl doesn't seem to fully process that it was a hoax. He offered to break into his former foster family's home. It was a demented but nice bonding experience for father and son as Frank reminisced about his first heist with his dad. 

However, Frank really gave everyone a pleasant surprise when he took the blame for the whole heist and got arrested instead of Carl. Part of me knows it's partially because Frank will have a place to sleep and eat if he's in jail, but he did ultimately do the right thing. You could see the shock on Lip's face as he lamented that hell froze over. It's a good thing Lip witnessed that too, because he'd had a hell of day with all of the Karen and Mandy drama.

Karen is out of her coma but she has no short term memories or emotions. Mandy's responsible for this and as much as Karen was a crazy raging bitch, what Mandy did is permanent. At this point I hope Lip is rid of her for good. I think he needs a new girl altogether. Also, how the hell did she not realize Ian and her brother were hooking up? Poor Ian, I feel terrible for him right now. He too, can do far better than Mickey.

The person who is the most screwed on Shameless right now is Jimmy. Will we ever see him again? He should've picked up when Estefania called but it's too late for that now. I think Beto was sad to see him board the boat, knowing what fate might await. It took Fiona a hook up with her hot boss to realize she wasn't that mad about Jimmy's decision to get a studio apartment at med school. It would be hard to uproot the whole family. Jimmy's comment about living with her in the slums was a low blow though. 

I got sucked into your world. I bent to your rules. I just assumed that'd we'd eventually decide how to move forward together like normal couples do. But there never was a "we." What have I been doing? Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and living together in a goddamn slum! | permalink

What did you think of the latest episode of Shameless? Any predictions for the finale?


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Leigh r

I agree with some of the posters that certain storylines went stale or just weren't that intriguing this season. I will however say that I think this cast is so phenomenal. The acting on this show, whether the storyline sucks or is exciting, is great.


Overall, I liked this season. It's lost some of its shock value/gallows humor, though. Showtime did renew the contract for another season, so S. 4 will be fun and interesting. The continual over-the-top emphasis on the homosexuality between some of the characters is pretty worn out (no pun intended), and kind of feel like Shameless needs to go into a whole different direction of sorts. kind of hope Fiona stays at her office job and can develop new friends for the long-haul, but doubt that lasts long. Always wondered how Frank can stay healthy as long as he has being the heavy drinker ... about time it catches up with him.


No way they kill off Jimmy/Steve. In fact, wouldn't surprise me if Estanfania is on that boat, too. Somehow. Hard to tell what happens, but 99.9 percent sure that Jimmy isn't killed off. And we may not know until next season, just to keep us guessing and tuned in.


The Mickey-Ian plotline is the greatest thing ever, and the most unique gay storyline in an era with an overabundance of gay storylines. The writers have spent several seasons slowly, delicately building it up, never giving the viewer too much, and now the little we're getting (i.e., from Mickey) is so captivating. The acting on the show has always been phenomenal but has reached new heights; e.g., Emmy Rossum has come to more fully embody Fiona and created more dimensions than were apparent in the first couple seasons. And Noel Fisher needs a goddamn Emmy (as in, the award, not Rossum). The only weak link is Mandy #2, who has only two emotions (Mandy Angry! Mandy Horny!), but I'm hoping maybe she'll end up in prison and won't be around in the future (especially since her "legs" were never added to the opening credits).


I feel like many of the posters about this season. First was raunchy but had depth. The constant
sex and crazy plots had me half watching most of the season. Last nights show of Steve walking
onto that boat really did make me sad as his character was trying to make his life right and as usual
mistakes can haunt you for the rest of your life. Like the Soprano's I would occasionally get philosophical
and think what it must be like knowing you might be walking right into your death.


but often wasted as well in this seasons lopsided plots. Its a shame of what 'could have been' verses what 'was' and developed poorly. Like the short lived 'John in Cincinnati' on HBO and other network shows I tuned out of the hope for Shameless was a long run of solid characters similar to The Sopranos verses a limbo contest of 'how low can each episode go.' V and Kevin's storyline this season was too far as well. The whole gay theme of Frank was something I channel surfed for something else until the story came back to the G family. Now into season 4 of Frank's challenge to 'sober up or die' - there's just so little emotional payoff. Just like Boardwalk Empire the writers and creatives got lost in their success.


Its true, the writing and story lines this season lacked the creativity and 'worth watching' continuing story lines that the First season created so well. The Mandy/Karen 'accident' went too far and too many 'medical' plots have left me cold. Only humorous thing was Karen awakened by Jody from the Coma but a whole episode to wait for that cheap punch line was a waste. Mandy was always a 'temp' and Karen a Lip Hope. The scene on the roof between Karen and Lip was exceptional storytelling and television a season back. The Jimmy/Fiona story could have been developed (and sadly wasn't). For Shameless to work season after season with viewers (retention of an audience) there has to be a balance between the Shameless aspects and the 'hope or dream' of the family to break that cycle. When ALL became shameless it lost its luster for me as a viewer. The Miami Vice aspect of the drug lord/cartel undercurrent for Jimmy lost me as well. His daughter, however, was a nice addition but often wasted as well in this seasons lopsided plots. Its a shame of what 'could have been' verses what 'was' and developed poorly.


There is a large hatred of Jimmy, which amazes me. Fiona has been so absorbed with regularly saving her dysfunctional family, she's taken Jimmy for granted. He has one big mess to resolve that he's kept from her, possibly so she doesn't have one more thing to deal with. And, all the while, Jimmy got an honest job and has been a mr. mom to the kids (he's regularly seen caring for Liam). At the same time, Fiona doesn't bother to talk to him about getting custody of her siblings. He said he would've said, yes, but she didn't even talk to him. Jimmy isn't dead -- or the show is (it's on premium TV, so it won't get canceled but killing one half of it's core foundation is bad writing). This has just been a poorly written season (see: Kev knocking up V's mom, the brief appearance of Mandy's half 'sister' -- that was just plain weird). What's interesting is that Emmy Rossum shared how her family could've helped Jimmy deal with the mafia boss. That could've made for both great and hilarious episodes. Instead, we got this.


I lol'd when Sheila was telling Karen about Hymie... "We can call him a retard now. We've earned it." (or something along those lines). I felt there were a lot of "in jokes" like that in this episode. And I still


It has been pretty slow this season, but the show is totally worth giving a shot! I don't get how stupid and unrealistic shows get a bunch of credit whilst shameless barely even gets mentioned in tv sites. Nevertheless, the Ian and Mickey scene was great, as always, but I think we won't be seeing Mickey anymore...sad puppy face :(

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Shameless Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

I got sucked into your world. I bent to your rules. I just assumed that we'd eventually decide how to move together like normal couples do. But there never was a "we." What have I been doing? Cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry and living together in a goddamn slum.


People fuck up. That's life. Family is supposed to be forever. They're supposed to take care of you regardless what you do. That's the whole point, otherwise why bother?