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Shameless Review: Hell Froze Over

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Tensions were high on this week's episode of Shameless. In "Order Room Service" Fiona looked into living in Michigan with Jimmy, but received some surprising news.

Frank was looking for his latest scheme and found help from one of his sons.

Fiona Goes Camping

After the disaster that was Frank's time on the public speaking circuit, he was once again kicked to the curb. I guess the gay marriage advocates and conversion therapy supporters realized that Frank Gallagher wasn't worth all their time, money or effort after all. 

Frank knows he's not welcome in his house since the custody battle (didn't Jimmy change the locks?). With Karen back at Sheila's, Frank couldn't seem to find shelter at any of his usual haunts. Even the train's not an option these days! Who do you think smelled worse in that train car, Frank or the usual bum who claimed it as his territory? 

Your turf? What is this West Side Story? | permalink

Carl and Debbie have always been the ones to forgive Frank first, but Debbie has been less forgiving since the incident when Frank broke her log cabin replica. Everyone knows Frank told Carl he has cancer, but Carl doesn't seem to fully process that it was a hoax. He offered to break into his former foster family's home. It was a demented but nice bonding experience for father and son as Frank reminisced about his first heist with his dad. 

However, Frank really gave everyone a pleasant surprise when he took the blame for the whole heist and got arrested instead of Carl. Part of me knows it's partially because Frank will have a place to sleep and eat if he's in jail, but he did ultimately do the right thing. You could see the shock on Lip's face as he lamented that hell froze over. It's a good thing Lip witnessed that too, because he'd had a hell of day with all of the Karen and Mandy drama.

Karen is out of her coma but she has no short term memories or emotions. Mandy's responsible for this and as much as Karen was a crazy raging bitch, what Mandy did is permanent. At this point I hope Lip is rid of her for good. I think he needs a new girl altogether. Also, how the hell did she not realize Ian and her brother were hooking up? Poor Ian, I feel terrible for him right now. He too, can do far better than Mickey.

The person who is the most screwed on Shameless right now is Jimmy. Will we ever see him again? He should've picked up when Estefania called but it's too late for that now. I think Beto was sad to see him board the boat, knowing what fate might await. It took Fiona a hook up with her hot boss to realize she wasn't that mad about Jimmy's decision to get a studio apartment at med school. It would be hard to uproot the whole family. Jimmy's comment about living with her in the slums was a low blow though. 

I got sucked into your world. I bent to your rules. I just assumed that'd we'd eventually decide how to move forward together like normal couples do. But there never was a "we." What have I been doing? Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and living together in a goddamn slum! | permalink

What did you think of the latest episode of Shameless? Any predictions for the finale?


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[cut me off I guess] stuck right in my mind as being particularly awkward. We, as viewers, already understood these concepts long before these lines came along; we didn't need it explained in such explicit fashion. /soapbox I totally thought Lip was going to punch Mandy when he first grabbed her at the dance.


Ultimately I've been pretty disappointed with how this whole season has been going. It's seemed slow, diluted, and every episode feels like filler. There have been a few "Ha!" or "Oh no!" moments, but nothing monumentally moving like Monica at Thanksgiving last year. Don't get me wrong--I love this show. I can't wait to see how it resolves next week. The big reveal where--surprise--Karen is a selfish, manipulative b-word and sold out her son to get her position back at home was really anticlimactic, even in light of the tragedy that befalls her soon after. There were so many things wrong with the first "V and her mom bang Kev" scene that threw me right off (why were they facing each other?). Not to mention the supporting dialogue is a little ham-handed. The scene where Lip gets Naired: "Now you're smooth like a baby!" The Retard Nation scene where someone brings up the n-word debate: "I can say it and YOU can't!" I'm sure there are more instances but those two stuck right in my mind as particularly awkward. We, as viewers, already understood these concepts way before those lines came; we didn't need it to be explained in such an explicit fashion. /soapbox I totally thought Lip was going to punch Mandy when he first grabbed her at the dance.