Castle Season 5 Report Card: A-

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With a long, hot summer looming ahead, TV Fanatic is going back and grading the best - and worst - of the 2012-2013 season. 

Having submitted our report cards for The Mentalist Season 5 and Once Upon a Time Season 2, we're taking out our proverbial red pen and moving on. It's time to grade this season of Castle.

Did Kate and Rick's romance work for you? Did the season finale leave you yelling at your TV? Check out our report and then tell us what you thought about Castle Season 5.

Caskett Sighting

Best Episode:  "Still"  Yes, it was a clip show but is was the best damn clip show ever! Watching all of the love, laughs, and drama from all five seasons was a treat. Having Castle stand by Kate even as a the bomb ticked down was a bonus. Finally hearing Beckett tell him she loved him and that they were just beginning…sigh. I'll be rewatching this episode all summer long.

Worst Episode:  "Swan Song" While there were some fans that enjoyed this episode's unique mockumentary style, I felt the entire concept fell flat. Watching Castle and Esposito mugging for the cameras while Beckett and Ryan shyly tried to avoid them worked…for about the first ten minutes. Then it quickly became an annoying gimmick and I found myself wishing it would all be over.

Biggest Improvement:  Caskett. After four long seasons of its audience wishing, hoping, and begging, the show finally made our dynamic duo an official couple.  Nothing was better than watching these two smile at one another over their coffees…while in bed. It's about damn time.

Most Frustrating Moment:  Plenty, I'm afraid. The most annoying thing about this show is that these two incredibly intelligent, likable characters rarely talk to one another.  At times it feels as though every important conversation gets interrupted never to be finished. Like in "After Hours" when Castle begins to address Kate's concerns about them being so different only to be cut off.  And did anyone else have their fingers crossed during "Significant Others" hoping that Kate would find out that Meredith cheated on Castle during their marriage?  It's the missed opportunities on Castle that make me crazy.

Character We Saw in a Whole New Light:  Detective Kevin Ryan. Yes, Ryan has always been adorable and good at his job. We love his bromance with Esposito and his relationship with Jenny, but "The Wild Rover" was a revelation.  Who knew Kevin Ryan could be such a bad ass? In one episode he went from sweet sidekick to an undercover cop with a dangerous streak. Seriously hot!

Character We Need to See More Of:  Dr. Lanie Parsh. It's been five seasons. Why don't we know more about this sassy, sexy lady besides she's Kate's best friend and Esposito's on again/off again booty call?  Lanie Parish is far too dynamic to be kept in the background.

Hopes for 2013:

  • Less Fear:  Or at least have them deal with their fears together. I have loved Kate Beckett since Castle's season one premiere but even I found her frustrating over the last few episodes. Deep down, Kate is afraid that the moment she's all in, Castle will get bored and leave. And Castle has kept things status quo all season because he's terrified that if he pushes for more he'll scare her off. I get it…but that doesn't make it fun to watch.  No matter what the answer is to the proposal at the end of "Watershed" I'm hoping it pushes these two to open up and face their fears…together.
  • More Down Time:  Yes, I know Castle is a crime procedural but to be honest, I don't tune in for the murder of the week. It's the characters that keep me coming back for more and the scenes I love the most are the casual scenes outside of the precinct. Let's see the gang hanging out at the Olde Haunt or another poker game at the loft where Martha can flirt with Esposito.  Those type of scenes from season 1 were huge fun and I miss them.
  • More Romance:  There were some episodes where we didn't even see our favorite couple holding hands and more kisses were cut short than completed.  Thankfully things picked up over the last few episodes and I hope that's a trend going forward. I'm not asking for sex scenes (although I honestly wouldn't complain) but it's the small, intimate moments that make this show and this couple such a joy to watch.

Castle Season 5 Report Card:  A-

Now it's YOUR turn Castle fans. Grade the past 24 episodes:

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As far as the romance goes, it looks very suspicious to me that Nathan does not want to do the scenes. In many outside interviews he expresses his opinion that hooking these characters up would be a mistake. He says things like "you can't turn back after that happens." In the early kisses, Stana tries to get some passion and attempts french kissing, but Nathan never lets his lips part. They seem to like each other okay in most interviews but I wonder if there might be a deeper dislike for one another beneath the surface. I'm sure that Marlowe hears the fans screaming for more romance and passionate kissing. If he is simply ignoring the fans, it will bite him in the ass soon enough, but if it is the actors who won't cooperate, I'm not sure what he can do to force the issue. Comments anyone?


I really did enjoy this season, but its not my favorite. I find that I can rewatch seasons 1-3 an unlimited number of times, but the most recent seasons have very little rewatch value to me. As for season 5... the cute and sappy scenes are great and all, but when are we actually going to see some passion between these two characters? To me it feels like there was more passion in the pilot episode then there was all season 5. The closest we came to that was the Hamptons episode (which I loved). It might come down to the fact that we never really saw them through their early relationship due to the time jump. I guess I should be thankful for what we do get, and I understand that there's only so much non-case time per episode, but is one hot scene too much to ask for. They must know what we want to see and are holding out on us.


My reply to these comments, EXACTLY! Will Marlowe and company please read what your dedicated viewers want! We want real romance, passion in the kisses, dating, dancing together, etc. Stop it with all of the almost kisses, the almost conversations, etc. It is past the cute stage and is down right irritating now. We want to see them talk about important things, like they did with "Jordon." Everyone is disturbed about what they did with Beckett's character, i.e. turning her into a cold, emotionless bitch, and with Castle, i.e. turning him into a wimpy door mat. Everyone agrees that the crime solving is necessary, but it doesn't have to consume the whole show. Take a brick of time and devote it to the stuff we want!!!!!!!!!!!!


I loved season 5 and it is rapidly running to the top of my list as the favorite of all 5 seasons. I gave the season an A. I enjoyed the bulk of the season but have grown tired of the famous Caskett interruptions. If at all possible, let's allow them to have one complete conversation when they return in Season 6. Hopefully it will begin with Yes. We also need another thriller episode comparable to Pandora. Include back stories on all the characters like Lanie and Chief Gates. She has to have a story behind her disposition and style of leadership. Above all, allow some hand holding, stolen kisses moments between rick and Kate. Everything is about full blown sex. Let them talk and go on a date. Regardless of the upcoming changes which I fill will be many...I will be back as long as there is a Castle.


I can't vote on a grade because I LOVED the season up until "Squab", "Human Factor", and "Watershed". Those 3 episodes ruined the whole season for me. Turning Kate into a selfish b**** and Castle into a total wuss doesn't give me much hope for next year.


In my opinion this has been their beset season but always room for improvement. My biggest complaint is that hopefully they have much more continuity, I mean huge stuff happens in one episode and then its never mentioned again or like nothing happened in the next epside. I know its a procedural but adding a serialized aspect will add so much more. Anyway that's really my big complaint but I thought this season was fantastic.


I watch a lot of tv, and I have never found a tv show such as Castle so rewatchable. I just can't stop. This season really does feel like season 1 just with Castle and Beckett together and it was really fun to watch. One of my favorite episodes of the season was "Significant Others." The interaction between Castle and Beckett and Castle and Espo/Ryan was hysterical. "Still" is the best clip show ever. It is a very rewatchable episode. My only gripe about season 5 are the last 4 or 5 episodes where Alexis/Martha/Lanie are almost nonexistent. They should have been it more at the end.


I 100% agree with everything you said in this article! Especially your hopes for Season 6! Perfect


WOW! I totally agree with everything Christine mentioned. Overall, it was my favorite season so far but I do have hopes for some of the improvements mentioned in season 6.


I so enjoy this show that I watch it over and over again on cable. The characters are great, love his mother and daughter, love the bro-mance,and, of course, Castle and Beckett - there were some shows that were misses, but it didn't matter because I watch it for enjoyment, not for the plausibility of the plot.

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