Almost Human Cast Talks New Series, Sci-Fi Themes and More

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Earlier this week, we chatted with actor Karl Urban about his role on Fox's Almost Human.

But what do his co-stars have to say about this unique drama?

In the new series, created by Joel Wyman (Fringe) and Executive Produced by J. J. Abrams (Star Trek, Lost), a detective (Urban) returns to duty after two years and is paired with a synthetic partner (Michael Ealy) while also dealing with co-workers (Minka Kelly) and an understanding but tough boss (Lili Taylor).

I recently sat down with Ealy - who talked of wiping away a lot of his emotions to play the 'almost human' Dorian - while Kelly and Taylor discussed the parallels of the show's futuristic themes to our present world, as well as being in business with Abrams.

Almost Human Season 1 premieres tonight at 8 and then airs starting tomorrow in its regular Monday-at-8 timeslot on Fox.

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Maldonado: 'Kennex should return to duty never.'
John: Never? Well that's a long time.

Richard, I know this won't be easy for you, but don't be a prick.