NCIS Photo Preview: An Awkward Ex Mess

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What's worse than a case involving an ex?

How about a case involving an ex's current boyfriend? That's what happens on NCIS Season 11 Episode 10 as Gibbs and Fornell's ex-wife's new boyfriend ends up in the middle of a murder investigation.

Could things get any more awkward? 

Click thought the photos for the upcoming installment, airing Tuesday December 10, and don't forget you can always watch NCIS online here at TV Fanatic. 

An Awkward Situation
Gibbs & Emily
Ellie's Place On the Team
Abby's Expertise
The Double Ex

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Point taken but I have never seen any NCIS men talked about in that fashion. I am a mere nurse counsellor with six years at uni. We spell counsellor like this in England.


Actually, Jean, I would. But, in this case, I blame the writers. They are the ones who wrote a character who is so frightening, that even the character of Fornell finds himself unable to suppress a shudder whenever her name is spoken. THIS is how a great many television writers view women: either they are super-brilliant and super-capable, but epic failures when it comes to relationships, or they are over-the-top harpies capable of retracting a man's testicles with a single glance. I have seen very few women characters on television who do not fall into one of these two categories. As for the "real world," my Literature and Communications professor from last semester fit that description perfectly. In fact, she made Gibbs' and Fornell's ex look like a Girl Scout. As long as women continue to treat other women (and MEN, for that matter) in an undignified and bullying fashion, then they will continue to earn that sobriquet. And, for the record, I am just as unflattering in my descriptions of badly-behaved men.


EB I think you are talking about Gibbs and Fornell's X and the third hubby with the money who got kidnapped once. She did tell Gibbs that for her he was her Shannon so she seems to be matching him with the number of husbands she has. I am sure that in the real world you would not use that kind of language when talking about a woman?


I wonder if Gibbs will see Kelly in Fornell kid they look so much alike


What was Fornell doing in there?


If you've seen the preview this looks hilarious. A light hearted episode for sure!


Look like we finally get to meet the darther

@ Michael

What's the darther?

@ PatrickC

Patrick who have to know how to translate michaels comments I think he means daughter.


New boyfriend? What ever happened to the old husband? You know, the one we met last time and who knew juuuust how to handle the psycho hose beast b*tch? Did she dump HIM, too?

@ EB

Good point!


NCIS Season 11 Episode 10 Quotes

Bishop: I mean, I might have a better idea. Look, Eddie is coming back. If he was ditching his car, there are easier places to abandon it than at an airport. We should put it back and watch it. And when he comes to pick it up----
Gibbs: We grab him.
Bishop: Absolutely not. We follow him, see what he does, where he goes, then we grab him.
Gibbs: Works for me.

Diane: You guys are buddies now?
Gibbs: Yeah. We were thinking of starting a club.
Diane: Yeah? Well watch it, boys. I know something about each and every one of you, that you don't want anybody else to know. And I got a Twitter account.