An Awkward Situation
Things turn awkward when a murder victim has ties to Gibbs and Fornell's ex-wife's new boyfriend on NCIS. "Devil's Triad" is the tenth episode of the show's 11th season.

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I thought that their ex was happily married and in love with her husband. Are they going to explain that? We can see that holidays take a secondary, albeit serendipitous, role to the investigative plot and are a window on the team's personal lives. But what happened to Thanksgiving? I loved the episode where they all ended up at Ducky's house. Looking forward to how Christmas fits in, remembering Palmer's present of that sweater vest! Love Ellie Bishop! Wondering if she has a side that doesn't include torn jeans, floppy sweaters and messy hair. Bet she cleans up nice if she has to.

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 10 Quotes

Bishop: I mean, I might have a better idea. Look, Eddie is coming back. If he was ditching his car, there are easier places to abandon it than at an airport. We should put it back and watch it. And when he comes to pick it up----
Gibbs: We grab him.
Bishop: Absolutely not. We follow him, see what he does, where he goes, then we grab him.
Gibbs: Works for me.

Diane: You guys are buddies now?
Gibbs: Yeah. We were thinking of starting a club.
Diane: Yeah? Well watch it, boys. I know something about each and every one of you, that you don't want anybody else to know. And I got a Twitter account.