Modern Family Review: Open House

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Kids in high school know all about competition and pressure.

That's what makes it interesting for the parents to get a peek at their lives for a day.

Modern Family Season 5 Episode 12 fetured an open house at the high school for Luke, Manny and Alex. It turns out the parents might be even bigger troublemakers than the kids!

Mean Girls

With an episode chock full of guest stars, we were in for a real treat of random pairings and hilarious interactions. When it comes to getting in trouble, Jay is at the top of the game. He's been out of high school the longest and definitely cares the least about teachers and their rules. I can't believe he brought a flask with him!

Phil, ever the boyscout, was mortified but totally fell for it when Jay told him to sniff the scotch and then had to take the blame when the teacher caught him.

It was even better when Jay rubbed it in. Busting into the teacher's lounge and sipping a single malt during classes? High school would've been more fun with Jay.

Claire couldn't believe the pressure Alex was under after the other parents didn't so much as blink when the teacher talked about how much homework she handed out. Ten years out of high school, I can confidently say that I didn't use the majority of what I learned back then.

It's pretty ridiculous for a kid to have six hours of homework after a full day of school. What about extracurriculars, hobbies or even a job?

Wow so intense. I had no idea the kind of pressure you were under. Hunnie, I was just you for two hours, I could barely hold it together. I don’t know how you don’t have a meltdown everyday.


I'm glad Claire gave Alex the props she deserved at the end. Alex may be the one putting all of the pressure on herself but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. Even though there was no comedy in her therapy session with guest star John Benjamin Hickey, I still really enjoyed it.

Gloria and Jane Krakowski competing over the teacher was not uncommon, but their mean girl claws definitely came out. Even though Cam got in trouble, his dodgeball idea was still brilliant. It'd be amazing to see how competitive the parents of high schoolers got if they were allowed to let loose.

Lastly, I just wish Jesse Eisenberg had played against type. I feel like he gets pegged as kind of a douchey, know-it-all. The character of Asher wasn't doing his typecasting any favors. I loved watching MItchell, Haley and even Lily's one-liners, but that's about it. I wish he had done something funnier.

What did you think? Were the highly-touted guest stars up to par? Vote below and hit the comments!


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This was maybe one of the best episodes of the show ever, and also one of the best episodes of TV I've seen in a long time. When everyone is out there looking to "Girls" to display real life, this show comes along and drops small truths from modern day life in each episode. The whole episode was hilarious and then that Alex scene in the end was just heartbreaking.


I liked the episode. For a moment I thought the Jesse Eisenberg character was going to be interested in Haley; that would have been more interesting to me. Loved Lily's one liner about the dollhouse at the end..

Sarah silva

This was a good episode! Very funny.
I too agree with Jesse Eisenberg's Asher.
I also agree that the one lines with Mitchell, Lily and Hayley was great.
Alex and therapy was a serious part but I enjoyed it and the end when Clare said she had no idea the pressure she was under and Alex hugging her mom and crying saying thanks! Was sweet.


The Open House was hilarious. Jay, Claire, Phil and even Gloria all seem to act and talk like they were back in high school without really realizing it, was great.
I wasn't really feeling Mitchell's storyline. It's almost like Jesse Eisenberg should come back for at least one more episode just to flesh out the 'neighbour' aspect more. That probably won't happen.
The ending with Alex seem to add the right kind of emotion.


i understand alex, when ur parents doesnt understand u, no matter they take good care of u (in general) u begin to start ur own way at very short age.
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poor phil, been accused for a crime from a bully


eisenberg was kind fo wasted... the school stuff and everyone reverting high school cliques etc was awesome... the therapy session wasnt funny but it wasnt supposed to be... and it made the ending very very sweet... great episode... this is the type of episode when the show needs to be a few minutes longer so there could have been more with mitch's story... favorite line is when phil compares alex to a self cleaning oven... jane kreckowski was great...

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Modern Family Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

My other daddy says your yard looks like a litter box.


She’s like a self-cleaning oven.

Phil [about Alex]