Shameless Review: Old Habits Die Hard

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Fiona has had a few lapses of judgment over the past few seasons of Shameless.

But Shameless Season 4 Episode 4 showed us just how low she could go in her latest relationship.

After trying to recreate the scene from Risky Business on the L train with Robbie, Fiona was determined to cut it off with him. Mike was excited to plan her birthday and she knew that what she was doing was wrong. The problem was that Robbie was very persuasive in his pursuit of Fiona. 

Fiona could have easily called or texted Robbie to end the affair, but she stupidly took a trip to his apartment. What a close call that was! Honestly, Fiona deserves to get caught if she's going to keep cheating on Mike. He doesn't deserve that.

The issue is: why is Fiona so attracted to troublesome men?

Fiona: What do you want me to say? That I'm self-destructive? That liars, and thieves, and addicts turn me on? That I don't know how to do a normal relationship?
V: Was that so hard?

It doesn't take a psychologist to wonder why Fiona's judgment of a good man is off. Have you met her father? Frank Gallagher is as devious and deranged as they come. Speaking of Frank, the incest storyline has gotten to be too much. Not that anyone ever really wants to watch an incest arc, but watching Sammi throw herself at Frank for yet another week had grown painful.

It's nauseating. Even though she now knows his true identity, he still popped a hard on at her touch. Ick.

On the entertaining end, watching Frank challenge Obamacare and the new health care system was great. Carl, per usual, came up with a totally demented plan to help Frank get liability money. It involved drugging Frank, taping weights to himself, and snapping his leg. 

It seemed like everyone was up to their old tricks this week. Fiona was slipping into bed with the wrong man. Carl was stealing pills and concocting crazy plans. Frank was finding a new way to cheat and lie to people. However, no one slipped back into their old habits more than Lip.

After getting shut out of an exam with soaking wet jeans on, Lip's rage that had been building up at school was released in a rush of windshield shattering and destruction. Lip snapped. He figured that the "ivory tower" was not for him. Back at the Alibi, he rambled on about how an education was useless and not his path. Then Kev told him to grow some balls. 

Lip has the chance of a lifetime, that nobody in his family let alone his neighborhood has ever had. Maybe it's unconventional in his eyes, but Lip doesn't think there's anything for him to learn there. Kev reminded him that if there's anyone who can make it work, anyone who can cheat the system, it's Lip. So back to school he went, ready to make some changes. That black eye from Mandy didn't hurt either!

Lastly, Debbie finally opened up to Fiona a little bit. She's going through those rocky puberty years and she's confused. It doesn't help that she has slutty Holly leading the way. I just hope that Debs and Fiona get close again, things around the Gallagher house have been frosty.

What did you think of this week's episode of Shameless? Will Fiona be able to cut off her affair?


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Frank, Fiona, Lip, Carl … the Gallagher's are not only self-destructive, but outwardly destructive -- they do things that hurt others by their own poor judgement and actions (Lip only wanting to see Mandy for quick sex without protection). I think what makes "Shameless" interesting and popular is that fact that we all have a little bit of Gallagher inside and can relate. We do things because we have similar issues. The Frank character is over-the-top, of course, and he's supposed to be. I see how careful the show is in treating teens who are minors with adult desires and not crossing the line too much (with the Debbie and Matty storyline). It's too bad Fiona has too much of her own sexual demons to enforce some structure for these kids. Of course, she's blind to that as well, since she didn't have that structure growing up. At one point, it shows Fiona getting arrested. Guessing that she either hit somebody or got arrested for parental neglect? Fun show! Does anyone think that Steve/Jimmy may show up in the hospital as an Intern to help with Frank's liver? Remember, Steve wanted to be a doctor? I don't think he was killed off. I think he comes back at some point.


No matter what this will not end well for Fiona. Robbie will continue to threaten her until Mike (eventually) finds out, then she'll be fired.
I felt so sad for Debs when she approached that boy at the bowling alley. Thank goodness she picked a good one, too. Hopefully she will open up more to Fiona.
Soooo glad that Kevin called Lip out on quitting. Loved that Mandy called him out as well. I'm ready to see him rule that campus!

@ Saabgirlatx

Yeah that black eye from Mandy was priceless. Looks like in next week preview ,Robbie may have black eye also. Fiona plays around with Rob agian and fight breaks out between brothers.The only person that gets hurt here is Mike.That is sad.Liked his charecter


By the end of this episode I enjoyed that we got to see most of the Gallagher's making some decent choices No matter how short lived. Fiona on the other hand is just to hard to watch right now. I know the show is Shameless but we got the point last week that Fiona can be self-desructive. She is lucky to have Mike and to continue with yet 2 more sex encounters with his brother was over the top. Debs seemed a little more together by shows end then Fiona. I hope we have seen the end of this triangle next week . I think Fiona can have a solid relationship but still be edgy.


So damn tired of Fiona... Like seriously!!! Anyone know if and when Ian's coming back?? I kinda felt sorry for Mickey after last week..

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You know I used to be your sister, not just an ATM.


You let some dude finger you last night on the L?

V [to Fiona]