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I wish I could just skip the part where I don't know the right thing to do and get to the part where I do.


Fiona: What do you want me to say? That I'm self-destructive? That liars, and thieves, and addicts turn me on? That I don't know how to do a normal relationship?
V: Was that so hard?

I'm not a little girl. I'm ready.


Robbie: Game recognizes game.
Fiona: We are nothing alike.

Mandy: Random destruction makes you think of me?
Lip: Yeah it was beautiful.

What kind of system do we live in where you have to cripple yourself to stay alive?


Sasha needs to find out that my wife's a hooker, not a slave.


You know I used to be your sister, not just an ATM.


You let some dude finger you last night on the L?

V [to Fiona]
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