The Mentalist Photo Gallery: Murder in Mexico

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The return of The Mentalist is inching ever closer.

What can fans expect from this CBS drama when it makes its return on March 9?

A U.S. attorney is murdered in Mexico on "Black Helicopters," but no one can figure out how she got there. So the FBI teams with Agent Cho, Fischer and Jane cross the border to find out.

The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 13 featured Jane joining a separatist commune to solve the case but where is Lisbon? And how are Rigsby and Van Pelt dealing with the CBI stalker? We hear an old ally of Jane's will get into the mix.

Take a look at these photos from the long-awaiting return installment and don't forget: you can always watch The Mentalist online right here at TV Fanatic if you need a refresher...

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Yes, I too am disappointed with what has happened to the show. The whole Red John story was finished in a ridiculous fashion. No insight whatsoever as to why he became a serial killer, much less the mastermind of this whole secret society. And now? yawn. I think the show ends after this season.


I think the show has truly gone downhill this season. I miss Rigsby and Van Pelt. There is no more team in the show. In fact the new FBI characters are boring and drag the episodes down. Also what made the Mentalist so exciting to watch was the relationship between Lisbon and Jane. Recently there have been zero Jisbon shared moments. I am not interested in seeing them always working independently from each other. Please bring back the old format where their interchanges made the series addictive, Now I can say I honestly have stopped caring about the show and long for the Sacramento days. If the series doesn't return to its basic style soon I am concerned most fans will say goodbye to a once great show. Even the die hard fans like me are turned off to the new plot plan. Let's face it no one watches the show to see Fisher and Jane hang out.


This show still on? Should of ended with Red John

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