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U.S. attorney Edith Furlach is found dead in Mexico. Jane figures out that she was killed in Texas and transported through an underground tunnel.

Jane ditches Fischer in Texas when he gets an invite to a citizens compound with a connection to Edith. Jane finds out that Edith recognized a fugitive from the compound who had been on the run for 27 years. When Edith warned her to turn herself in, she shot and killed her.

Jane gives his new team presents that they've wanted since their childhood. Cho gets Mexican jumping beans, Abbott gets Voltron, Wiley a Tamagachi, and Fischer a magic wand.

Jane tells Rigsby and Van Pelt to contact La Roche for help on the CBI investigation. Rigsby tags along when La Roche goes to execute a search warrant of an empty warehouse. La Roche hits a trip wire and is shot and killed.

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Also from previous episode comments: Why assume JJ is dead? His is a good resource for finding the Ardilies killer. No point in killing him off as soon as he gets on screen. I think he is just wounded. But of course we all know from the RJ fiasco how the TM writers can do really dumb things, so I wan't be shocked if JJ really is dead. Just irritated.


Posted this on the last episode so I'm moving it over here now. I liked this episode a lot. I watched as a non-fanatic viewer would and found it immensely entertaining. I also watched as a fanatic and noticed:
1. Jane invited Lisbon to come with him in the Airstream and she turned him down flat. Didn't like it. (She also never liked his Citroen; called it a "contraption.") So Jane said, "Fischer it is then" and rolled his eyes like he might as well put up with Kim.
2. Jane was in full manipulation mode, getting into everyone's mind with those gifts. He is mainly doing this to psyche out Kim. He watched with great satisfaction as she played with that fairy wand. He was close to figuring her out!
3. Why was Lisbon shown mostly behind things. Is Robin pregnant? Is the need to hide that why she wouldn't go in the Airstream? One shot from the front was too shadowed to see a bump if there was one.
4. Loved the Airstream. Doesn't make sense for long distance travel due to gas prices but no matter. On TM everything is just a short drive away.
5. The episode looked like it was trying to appeal to as many demographic groups as possible. Big action scene to open, lots of clever humor, even the Airstream for the old baby boomers. - See more at: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2014/...