Chicago PD Review: New Affairs

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Welcome to Chicago, Ian Bohen! 

The perennial Teen Wolf favorite everyone loves to hate joined Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 8 as Edwin Stillwell - and he quickly got started causing some trouble for the Intelligence Unit. 

Stillwell is the latest Internal Affairs agent to go after Voight and he made his presence felt immediately, unlike  his predecessor. Stillwell is not afraid to ruffle some feathers or place his own agent in Voight's team.

He comes across as a nice, reasonable guy at first - but his actions reveal a shark underneath. 

It's the perfect roadblock to give Voight: a man who's following the letter of the law (so far); Stillwell is working to take down Voight as Voight tries to clean the dirt off himself and use his second chance to really clean up his city. Two men with the same goals, yet their methods are different. 

Still, Voight's chat with Maurice at the end...there's something off about it. Internal Affairs has been breathing down Maurice's neck for a while and Voight making the call to turn him in in exchange for the Intelligence Unit's freedom is something that is right up his alley.

It's the perfect way to get Affairs off his back for the autonomy he desires. 

Ruzek and Burgess, there was some definite chemistry between the two of them on Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 7, but them working together as one of Olinksy's punishments to Ruzek for being above his fellow officer only amplifies their chemistry.

With Jay and Erin on a cool down and Ruzek still not completely with in tune with his fiancé, I see no other option for Ruzek and his wife other than a break up. 

Their engagement has already had a rocky beginning and this adds just another layer of complexity to it. Ruzek doesn't look at his wife the way he looks at Burgess,and that's never a good sign. 

Will Ruzek ever make it to the altar? 


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I think this show is getting better and like it more than Chicago Fire right now because they are stuck in a rut. This show could get even better if Sophia Bush was gone. She isn't believable in the role and her acting leaves a lot to be desired. I enjoy every other character and loved the switch with the patrol cops. I wish they hadn't killed off the blonde in the beginning because she was believable. I understand that one or two actors withdraw from the series before it aired and that is why the pics don't match up. Please put a better female in the role.


Opps, three are missing...hummm!


Who are the 4th and last guy to the end in the pic of the case? I have seen everyone else on the show already but two are missing and who are the guys in their place?

Sarah silva

Another solid episode!
You could tell from the episode that Ruzek and his fiancée had their engagement party that they were doomed, then he was flirting with Burgess last week and then the way he looked at her when she walked into Molly's. Those are all signs that point to Ruzek ending things with his fiancée and telling Burgess he likes her.
I have no idea why Olinsky is so hard on Ruzek, I do not think that there was anything wrong with what Ruzek told his old academy buddies. I thought that after Olinsky gave Ruzik the compliment last week that Olinsky finally respected him.
We thought that lady was bad now this Stillwater is way worse, he wasted not time planting a new detective into the unit (Veronica Mars alum Sydney Tamiia Poitier) to keep tabs on Voight. However Stillwell arrested him at the end of the episode! The unit is in for a whole lot of trouble now! I was shocked that I felt bad for Voight, he really has redeemed himself from the guy I wanted to strangle when he was threatening Casey on Chicago Fire.


Good episode. There's definitely something between Burgess and Rusek but like I said before I don't think they will be the reason Rusek and his fiancé don't work out they've had problems all season and I think there just going to get worse and his relationship with Burgess wouln't help the situation but it's not the biggest problem for Rusek's relationship. I loved seeing Rusek and Burgess work together it was a nice change and they work well together. I don't like the new internal affairs guys he seems like a jerk and he'll get in the way. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.


I have no idea if Rusek will ever make it to the altar but I know one thing: Burgess is not the problem here. I don't know what's between Rusek and his fiancee but they don't have a strong relationship, that's for sure. He's been pulled out of the academy and took him weeks to tell her why. During the SVU crossover he could not take his eyes off of the blond detective. And of course, there is Burgess. If he makes it to the altar, the marriage won't last long.


Love the show but filming in Chicago in the winter causes some glaring continuity problems. One moment the streets are snow and slush filled. The next scene they're clear. I know there is not much that can be done given the filming schedule but it is distracting.

Sarah silva
@ Walter

Blue Bloods is like that too, any show that films in NYC or Chicago etc not on a Hollywood backlot will have issues like that.

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