Reign Review: Keep It Like a Secret

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The middle of March is traditionally a kind of 'blah' time, at least in the colder parts of the country.

As the last dregs of winter drip on long after you thought it would be spring already, everything starts to seem dull.

TV often doesn't help, with networks packing these weeks with quieter episodes before moving on to big, season-ending plot arcs.

But not Reign! Reign never rests, not for March, not for you, not for anybody! Reign can't power down because it's still cold out and it just wants to eat some carbs - it has too many murders, illegitimate pregnancies and cover-ups to attend to, okay?

Sometimes Reign tries to take itself a little bit seriously, attempting to prove that its characters have substance and truly care about each other. And those episodes are good.

But the episodes when it gives into the full campy glory, the soapy possibilities of a castle filled with murderous queens and skanky ladies-in-waiting and poisons, OH MY GOD THE POISONS... those episodes are my favorites.

And Reign Season 1 Episode 14 is certainly a contender for my favorite campy episode yet. From Kenna's "safe sex, Renaissance-style" lecture to Catherine and Henry bumbling around, dragging a dead body and falling over their own feet like they're the burglars from Home Alone, this episode was a camp masterpiece.

Hell, even the normally painfully earnest Mary opened the episode with one of the most arch and self-aware Reign quotes ever. Everyone was on board!

And we haven't even gotten to the part where Henry basically bangs a duchess to death (well, I guess now we did). This hour touched on every campy soap opera trope in the book - from being pregnant with a married man's child, to covering up a death ineptly - with a fun, stylish touch.

And we seem to have found a promising new castle kook in Olivia, now that Clarissa is gone (?). I had actually thought that Olivia was dead, as well, but nope; just lost and delirious in the woods, being experimented on or eaten or something.

Why did she stab that priest? Was she possessed? Delirious? Just really aggressive about her personal space? I'm eager to hear the surely-horrifying answer!

I'm not sure when Kenna turned into a full-on, completely amoral little monster, but I dug it. And I'm not sure when Catherine went back to being a completely amoral big monster, but I dug that, too.

You've shown enough depth over the last few weeks when you were doing hard time, Queen C. Let's get you back into the poison room where you belong!

Official Reign FashionWatch: 8/10. Though there was a lot of low lighting in this episode that made it hard to truly assess the dreamy outfits (you know, to help everyone with all the sneaking they were doing), the outfits that showed up clearly on screen were knockouts.

Especially the gowns Mary brought back from her honeymoon--though I certainly have no clue how Kenna got the idea that a dress that sexy was virginal-looking.

But amidst all this camp and goofiness, there is one very serious question:

Will Mary and Lola's relationship ever be the same?


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Henry practicing with sword is quite foretelling on his imminent death. I wonder the writer will let him die "accidentally" before the season ends or have it carried off later next season.


I don't like how they couldn't let Francis and Mary be happy. After all he will end up dying. I can't stand that whole Lola story line, she claims it was just a one night stand that meant nothing and she doesn't want anything with Francis but I think she might have a hidden agenda. I didn't really care about Lola now I can't stand her. But I think once Catherine finds out about her she will take care of it and make her lose the baby somehow. Also I'm really certain that Francis will either be King or dead by the end of this season. As History states he and Mary were only married for a yr. then he dies, but before he dies he does become King, which means that Henry should be dying pretty soon. I wanted more of this show but as this show goes on it just disappoints me, I never thought I would be bummed that there is going to be a second season, because I just can't see it being any good. I love Mary & Francis together it just sucks that they couldn't let them be happy and rule as King & Queen before he dies. So next season Francis will probably be gone. I don't see any future with Mary & Bash because historically he never existed and shouldn't come into play. Mary ends up marrying her 1st cousin as her second husband. But I'm not sure this happens till later in her life. Reign is suppose to be about her teen yrs. I don't know about this show it's not turning out like I expected.


As much as I enjoyed most of this episode the whole Mary and Bash thing just left bad taste in my mouth. Mary try's to come off as so caring,and innocent yet she comes off as big hypocrit.


Loved this episode. I would think dropping a girl out of a window would be a total mood killer. I loved Henry and Catherine trying to clean up the blood, move the body, and write the suicide note. Catherine telling the story of the girl and the priest was funny and couldn't help but laugh the whole time she was telling it. Kenna is becoming fun a girl falls out a window and she wants the girls brother to still propose. Mary is forgiving but I don't think she'll be able to ever forgive Lola and if she can I don't think they'll ever have the same relationship. I was surprised to see Olivia I thought she died or well just disappeared either way I didn't think we'd be seeing her again. I liked Bash and the hunter together I want to see more of them. Can't wait till the next episode.


There is something more endearing about Bash than Francis. For Francis, women do seem to be disposable. Take a note from George Clooney and Leonardo di Caprio. They're definitely love em and leave em guys. If Mary was with Francis for very long, I think it'd be the same. But as we all know, it's not to be. Francis dies soon. Olivia, Lola, and who knows who else. I do think it a bit much that Mary couldn't accept that after she dumped Francis and fell in love with his brother, that Lola couldn't have feelings with Francis. Maybe Mary's reaction had more to do with fear that she can't conceive after two months but Lola did after one night. Heirs were important to the stability of a country, after all.

@ GeneralRapunzel

Yes and it has to be a boy child. Catherine was funny when she was telling her you come back after two months looking lean and then gives her potions to put on her chest, it will burn but bear it and something to put on Francis, then take these pills no, don't ever take those! Who ever the writers where last night they where excellent!


I know this show is suppose to be about Mary, Bash and Francis but Henry and Catherine are my favorites. They are far more interesting and entertaining than the boring three. This was a very dark and really funny epi. I was laughing the whole time expect at the end when they tried to make it look like Henry was going to push McKenna out the window and the clip for next week where women are being killed and Catherine asks Henry if he is killing the women. It is either crazy Clarissa., Olivia or something evil in the woods they keep talking about. I was talking back to the tv saying Catherine won't a brother know his sister's handwriting...I did not think the woman did not know how to write at all! I got so sick of Mary saying Francis is my husband. I like Bash and Rowan together. Rowan is the girl in the woods and the only reason I know her name is that is the name that showed up on closed caption. When you have closed caption on and it is not done live, dialog will show up on the closed caption that is not on the show. I noticed this a lot on Sleepy Hollow. I wondered what happened to Olivia. She screamed and disappeared into the catacombs and was never seen again epis ago. Nobody cared she was gone not even Francis. You would think Francis would care about one of his bed warmers! Francis is a jerk! Poor Lola her life is over because she sleep with Francis. I love mean girl McKeena. I wonder what Catherine will do when she finds out Lola is pregnant...Lola needs to worry about Catherine not Mary. Of course Francis will expect Mary to except his baby and Lola being his mistress...what an ass! The black and gold dress Mary had on when she came back from honeymoon was the best outfit of the night. Also I liked the black dress Catherine had on when she was walking with Henry at the end and he was telling her how great they where together. And then he asked her to come to bed with him and tried to kiss her and she said no and walked away with the smile on her face. That's right Henry you may be the King but she is the Queen in charge!


This had to have been the funniest episode yet. I mean, with all the seriously comical scenarios (dead priest, alleged dirty priest, Henry's 'sexual prowess', screwing someone to death, Bash being showed up by female him...) I couldn't stop laughing. I think that Mary will end up forgiving Lola when the pregnancy and everyone else at court starts making life harder for her; it just doesn't seem in her to hold a grudge. As for Francis, I'm not too sure how he's going to react. I mean, the writers could spin that so many ways. And does Bash know? Because at this point in the game i'm surprised he didn't tack on Francis's liaisons with other women to his list of reasons Mary should not be with Francis. Personally, I was really digging Bash hooking up with woodland-female-bash (cant remember her name). I think its about time he stopped being a fairy-tale prince-ling and get more nitty gritty. Like Damon from the vampire diaries. I liked that he was more aggressive and in your face. Plus, he deserves a little more sexy time; I mean come on, how many people has everyone else on the show had sex with? Before this episode, Nostrodamus got laid more than he did! My only regret was I kinda wish Henry and Catherine had a little more of a moment. Perhaps an actual kiss before C pushes him away.... How wrong is it that I actually love them as a couple?


I literally lol when Henry banged the lady out of the window. He and Cat had me giggling the whole ep. And I like Kenna being selfish and badass. Kenna, Cat, and Henry are making the show right now lol.


I really enjoyed this episode, really entertaining, i loved Katherine and Henrys scenes, they were on fire! Reign is currently my favourite show....great writing and such a guilty pleasure!

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Reign Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Bash: You don't believe there's a dark, malignant power in the woods?
Nostradamus: Nature is not malignant.

Politics, back-stabbing, murder--just another day at French court.