Dallas Review: Over Someone's Dead Body

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It was the winter finale on Dallas Season 3 Episode 8 and with so much packed into the hour, it's anyone's guess who will survive.

When Pamela saw that video of John Ross and Emma, I really believed she would confront her husband right away. I almost wish she would have. It would have been less painful for everyone. 

The repercussions of the affair reached farther than anyone expected. First, there was the fallout between Bobby and Ann as he found out she'd hidden important information from him yet again. I couldn't really blame him as he ripped into Annie in this Dallas quote

What is it that's so hard wired in you that you keep the most important events in your life secret from your husband?


His anger was justified but reminding Annie that Southfork is his house probably wasn't going to build any trust between them... and kicking Emma out may have crossed a line, considering the Mexican cartel may want her dead. 

The entire fight sent Annie straight into Harris' arms. Granted, he initiated the kiss but it took her a bit to stop it. Hopefully the shock of that moment will be enough to send her back home for a long talk with her husband. 

The ripple effects of the affair didn't stop there. Sue Ellen held out an olive branch to Pamela but the gesture was far too little and either too late or way too soon depending on your point of view. Either way, Pamela was quick to strike back…

I'm not you. I'm not a weak, sniveling drunk like you.


And as if to prove Pamela's words to be true, Sue Ellen immediately went running to find the nearest bottle. 

Pamela was furious and it was no one knew what she would do when she got to that hotel room. John Ross was obviously expecting a gun in that coat. What he got completely blew his mind. Mine too.

Out of all the things I expected, Pamela offering to have a threesome in matching lingerie never remotely made the list. Kudos to the Dallas writers for stepping it up and taking this story of a woman scorned in such a deliciously twisted direction. 

There was a moment there when I wondered if John Ross would actually take her up on it. He looked completely shaken and I thought he might drag Pamela away. Instead, his baser instincts took over and he went for it. Unfortunately, there was another level to Pamela's revenge. 

At first I couldn't believe that she swallowed a bottle of pills. In some ways, she seems so strong but she has lost an awful lot over the last year.

She really believed she'd found her happy ending with John Ross. Perhaps this was just one betrayal and loss too many. But if her goal was to make John Ross understand that his actions have consequences, she definitely made her point.

It all made me wonder if that email would get tracked back to Nicolas. I can only imagine what Elena's reaction will be if it is. 

It was kind of creepy watching Nicolas console Elena about her brother. He was saying all the right things but the look in his eyes was one of anger. 

I had no doubt that sooner or later Elena would come to her senses and realize that the price of revenge was simply too high. Unfortunately, Nicolas isn't about to let her back out. All I could think as he poked holes in her diaphragm was eww.  I guess he wanted to give destiny a hard push in his direction.

Elsewhere, Christopher was ready to go all in with Heather after helping her track down her son. Is it just me, or does Heather's hair get darker every week? I find it kind of distracting.

With the loss of his job, his family, and now a warrant for his arrest, Bo blamed the Ewings for it all and headed to the ranch. 

As I watched the fire erupt at Southfork I couldn't help but be reminded of the fire during the original Dallas season 5 finale. Back then, Bobby came to the rescue of a very young John Ross and a passed out drunk Sue Ellen. We'll see if he can save her once again.

Either way it appears that when Dallas returns on August 18 to TNT, John Ross will be able to remodel. Maybe this time they'll install sprinklers.

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics. Who won't survive the Dallas winter finale?


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There's no suspense over who survived the fire - they showed Sue Ellen, Bobby & Christopher all running around in the previews for the next episode. They should have skipped the teaser or left those scenes out. Ruined the cliffhanger.


Whoever voted Pamela cant have watched the end where it showed you what was coming up after the summer break, as it showed you her whacking John Ross.


I don't feel for elena anymore since she decided to believe the lies cliff barnes and Nicolas are feeding her. she is being played and she has told so many lies herself this season, plus she has been playing so many people(even her mother) and yes people like Christopher and Pamela are the innocent ones being betrayed and played who end up getting hurt because people like elena and Nicolas follow their own selfish needs...its all about manipulation and betrayal which has always been the name of the game in dallas... it will never change...I really want to believe that john ross wants to get out from under his father's shadow and proof that he is not as evil as everyone thinks he is...but yes he keeps making stupid choices and one does not know where this is leading too...


They really pushed the envelope with this one............ What the hell is Nicholas trying to prove and what is his end game by doing what he did to Elena? Does Elena not know he is married? I thought Christopher had told her that............. I agree that "drunk" Sue Ellen is getting old.........however, some alcoholics never ever fully recover and stop.......... Bobby and Christopher knew Bo was on his way to Dallas, will they figure out he's the one that started the fire???? Or will they blame Sue Ellen?? To MissRozie: You can't actually believe the original Southfork was burned down for this show. I'm sure it wasn't. That's why it's called Hollywood............ To Joel: Sure Anne might not know about "JR's Masterpiece" but Bobby didn't want her involved in case it went south and they all ended up in jail, which by the way, it still can........I am always for Bobby because greed and evil can't always win...........


I hope Elena finds out that Nicholas is not the person he represents himself to be sooner than later.
Bobby should have sent Emma packing back to that grandmother and father. They created that monster and Bobby and Anne have given her chance after chance. She's broken, selfish and mean spirited. Anne is pushing herself further and further away from Bobby with all of the secrets that are happening right up under his nose.
I didn't expect Pam to respond favorably to Anne and Sue Ellen's confession that they knew about John Ross and Emma. She feels betrayed.


You think Bobby was justified in his comment to Ann? Want to bet he hasn't told her anything about JR's Masterpiece? Bobby is such an pompous old crab anymore, that I root for John Ross just to see Bobby pee his Depends.


You think Bobby was justified in that comment? How much do you want to bet he hasn't mentioned anything about "JR Masterpiece" to Ann? He's being the same sexless, pompous old guy he is in every episode. He makes me want to root for John Ross solely based on the fact it will cause Bobby to pee his depends.


I could not believe the threesome scene - and I do believe John Ross SHOULD have yanked his wife out of that hotel room before it got to the point OF that scene. And Emma, one of Grandmother's girls .... interesting - Judith Light is just plain awesome in her role - she is so wicked but she plays it so well ~ good bye to the original Southfork mansion. John Ross is more than getting his wish for his & Pamela's own wing, problem here is most likely there won't BE a Pamela & John Ross, which is too bad, there is something about the two of them together that makes me like them as a couple & will someone PLEASE dry out SueEllen. Really liked the woman she became when she was clean/sober. And it WAS VERY CREEPY when Nicolas poked holes in Elena's diaphragm - good luck, girl, you'll need all the luck you can get once pg with his baby.

@ MissRozie

I am sooooo tired of the drunk Sue Ellen thread...It was so nice to see her actually overcome that situation and become a person who could see the truth of what was happening to her son.

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Bobby: Over my dead body, boy.
John Ross: Don't tempt me Uncle Bobby.

I let you take one wall pretty soon all of Southfork is coming down.