Reign First Look: Down Goes the King!

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Is laying on the floor the best place for the increasingly mad King?

From the look of this exclusive photo (given to TV Fanatic by The CW) , courtesy of Reign Season 1 Episode 17, it just might be!

In the accompanying image, the fallen King - who is losing his mind - is consoled by Kenna when Bash intervenes... but will this end up a good or bad situation for our young newlyweds?

I mean, the King did force them to marry when they are not in love!

The King Is Down

Also on tap this evening, Mary learns about a secret clause in her marriage contract that was put together by her mother and Queen Catherine.

Elsewhere, Mary and Francis embark on a dangerous plan to turn Scotland against her mom. Just how much will Mary like the taste of power as Queen of Scots? We'll find out in a few hours.

Reign Season 1 airs Thursdays at 9/8 on The CW. 

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I love this show so much but I hope they don't kill Henry yet! I love my mad king!!!


I disagree sincerely with the last comment. First of all this show is based on true people, but it does not display all true events. It's a fiction. 2nd of all the King is not dying yet so it's still possible for the jousting match to happen (watch the show for details). 3rd of all while I value everyone's opinion, stop reading these articles if you don't actually care about tonights episode.

@ Sarah



Where in the hell do they dream up these pathetic story lines? They have rewritten history and have done a very bad job of it!
The king does not go mad, he was killed in a jousting match and died a horrible death! Mary was controlled by her two uncles who were two of the most powerful men in France! This show is worse than the Tudors!

@ Christine Link

It's called historical fiction. Ya know, like The Other Bolyn Girl etc. Also, we met one of her de Guise uncles earlier this season. I'm guessing you missed it. This is truly a unique, entertaining and thought provoking show, and everyone griping about the hemlines not being exactly to the times or every single detail is just missing the point. Don't be a kill joy.

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Reign Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

My first duty is not to my mother. I am the queen of Scotland, not the queen of Marie de Guise.


Penelope: Don't you think a royal crown suits me?
Queen Catherine: Of course, your majesty. Makes your head look smaller. Almost back to normal size.