Chicago PD Review: Full Circle

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There were a lot of echoes on Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 15, as viewers were taken back to the series premiere.

Voight took a man he doesn't trust for a ride, one of their own was taken from them and another new member took up a desk in the intelligence unit. 

Dawson's first day back on the job had him enjoying the comfort of a desk - much to his chagrin - and while he's not a big fan of it, the same can't be said for his wife.

At the end of the day, when Dawson comes home, he finds that his family isn't there. It would be a pretty difficult scene if not for the letter he's left because others are all wondering whether the family is caught up with Pulpo against their will.  

Coincidentally, Nadia is coming out of rehab and Dawson does Lindsay a favor by picking her up. He later mentions that they have the budget for a civilian secretary and Nadia helps the unit out with a case. Call me crazy, but Nadia might be the best person for the job.

Voight needs someone he trusts and Nadia is incredibly loyal. There's no way she's going to spill anything after all that Lindsay has done for her. 

Lindsay's own troubles with Charlie continue, as some of her past finally comes to light: she helped cover up a murder. It's unfortunate that Lindsay is always attempting to do things on her own instead of relying on those in the unit.

Voight would do anything for her - and so would Halstead at this point. Voight, in essence, allows Charlie to stay in the city when he cleans up his act, making his confession. Spend a year in prison, grow up, find himself and then he's free sailing for as long as he wants to. Not a bad exchange when the alternative is Voight. 

Atwater's first day on the job rubbed me the wrong way quite honestly. He didn't show much enthusiasm when Olinksy asked about Burgess, nor did he really keep his head down and work with the rest of the unit. He wants to prove that he's an asset, I get that. But there's a time and place to do so and he seems to want to run before he can walk. 

However, the biggest issue I have with Atwater is one that is not his own: he's not been developed as well as I would've liked. We know very little about him, but we're on the complete opposite side for Burgess. His subsequent joining of the Unit would be easier to take if we had a similar understanding about him. 

At least Burgess isn't letting the promotion get her down. She's more determined now than she was, not putting up with anyone's crap - even on the job. It's a moment of bonding between Burgess and Platt when she asks for a better partner and Platt actually understands where she's coming from instead of being hard on her.

Platt is rather impressed that Burgess didn't crumble after being passed over.  

Best of all, though, was Burgess' kiss with Ruzek. They hold nothing back and the shipper in me is going wild because of it. 

The biggest development centers around Jin, a character who I've felt has done nothing all season. The way he was acting this installment made it pretty clear that something was going to take place with him and when he's lying face down on the ground with a shot to the neck, there was no real surprise.

Unfortunately, Jin will not be missed by me, as he was never really used. Jin, ultimately, knew who was coming after him: he saves a lot of information to a flash drive and puts it in an envelope and he calls he father to make sure to get out of Chicago. 

The closing scene wants to make us think Voight is the one who murdered him, but I'm not so sure that's the case. The man goes to great lengths to make sure the people in his unit are safe and sound. He's not going to shoot one of them, even if they do break his trust. Voight would much rather drive them out of the city. 

Did Voight kill Jin? 


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It was the best finale for me, because of all the sweet Erin and Jay moments. Jay being there for her, noticing when something is wrong with her. She leaning on him. His confrontation with Charlie. Erin saving him from getting shot. Then the last scene with her thanking him for being there and him saying that why you have backup went back to their scene in ep 1. After all the crap they did from episode 8-12 with them not being able to talk to each other because of the stupid firefighter. The writers made up for it. Atwater it was kind of painful, I adore him but felt like he was trying to hard. Jin I wanted him to get a story, didn't want him to die. Erin we got to know more about her. Voight I do not think he killed the Jin. I think IA guy. Burgess/Ruzek I ship tem but it was too soon for them to hookup. And it was all CPD, no crossovers, no Severide ruining the moment. Felt bad for Antonio, and Nadia was great

Sarah silva

I wanted to be Marina Squerciati so badly! I think Patrick John Flueger is hot! She go to make out with him, she is lucky. :)
This was a great finale!
Voight did not kill Jin. Stillwater most likely followed Voight and Jin to that location and he realized Voight found out he was the rat. Stillwater killed him and dumped the body there OR Jin knew Stillwater would come after him and killed himself first.
Jin seems to have known something was going to happen and I bet that the files he copied he put in an envelope for Voight.
I did not like Charlie so I am glad they caught him, however it seems like that story line was a little rushed.
Burgess is a better fit for the task force. I am sure Voight will realize that and send Atwater back to Patrol duty and promote Burgess.
I knew Antonio's wife was going to leave him. I feel bad for him. I can see that she would be fearful of his life. However he is good and what he does. I hope she comes back home and he still works for Chicago PD.
I too have a feeling that Nadia will get the job.
I am looking forward to Season 2.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Unfortunately, how some of the stories featured seem so rushed may have been due to the show's unexpected extension for two additional episodes on top of its initial 13-ep order so there was no real feeling of in-your-face shock, but more or less a long winding down during the last 10 minutes of the finale except for that ending scene of Jin lying dead.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

100%agree on Patrick John Fluegers Hotness!!! I would not complain if we had to see him shirtless every episode!!
I do disagree with Jin sending the envelope to Voight - I think he sent it to Sumner (was that her name?) - I think he knew about the affiar and she would be able to handle the info. (although we only saw him write on the envelope, he may have had it on him when IA shot him!)

Sarah silva
@ Leesa

HA! I agree more shirtless Patrick please!
That could be, he could have sent it to Sumner. However would she really use it to bring down Stillwell?


While I don't think Voigt shot him, the bigger mystery is: what took place when Voigt and Jin had that heart-to-heart? We didn't get to see it all. And how did that discussion affect Jin's decision to put that data on a flash drive - and to whom did he mail it? Very interesting cliffhanger.

@ Douglas Wolfe

Yep -- I think Voight told him to get out of town. Jin chose to download and hand off the information. I'm betting Voight has it in season 2 regardless of where it's been. The death wasn't Voight's MO -- Jin would never be seen again if he killed him. Stillwell doesn't know Voight's past as well as he thought in his attempt to frame him. I dig speculation. lol

@ Douglas Wolfe

Agree - thought I saw a still shot from the Episode that had Voight pushing Jin up against his car - we didn't see that did we? (we had weathers issues & they broke in once, thought I missed it then!?)
I think the IA dude shot Jin only because Voight would have had a straight one shot (not one to the side of the neck!)

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