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The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

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Lisbon was leaving Austin in a week and the only one who didn't know about it was Patrick Jane on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 22.

Packing to Go
Lisbon must be packing to move to Washington D.C. with Marcus Pike. Is she really happy about making the move?

As a matter of fact, not only hadn't Lisbon told him, Jane was in complete denial, as evidenced by this The Mentalist quote

Oh LIsbon's not leaving. She likes to talk like she might but I don't think she's going anywhere.


He had convinced himself that she wouldn't go, which is probably why he put so little effort into stopping her. At least the realization that he was about to lose her prompted the quickest case closure in history. 

The moment the letter showed up, I wondered if it was all a ploy from Jane, yet I couldn't be certain. But I knew it was the right combination of smart, sneaky and convoluted that it could be a plan of Patrick Jane's. 

Jane appeared completely delighted by both their walk on the beach and Teresa's joy at cracking the code. His code. He'd obviously put a lot of thought into this plan, right down to wardrobe, as he'd picked three different dresses for Teresa to choose from for dinner.

It might be our last case together so how can anything be too nice.


All of that happiness and anticipation came crashing down when Lisbon found out that Jane had booked their suite days prior to the arrival of that letter.

She felt used and heartbroken and I couldn't blame her when she railed against Jane's lies and manipulations.

You don't give a damn about what I want or need. I am just a convenience for you. You use me. It's all about you.


Because that's always been her fear, that Jane doesn't care about her as much as she cares about him. When they were chasing Red John, she suspected she was simply a means to an end.

Now, Jane hides his feelings so well that she's convinced herself that her presence makes his life easier, more comfortable and that's why he doesn't want her to leave. 

When Jane finally left her door, it looked as though he was rushing in to his room not to have a breakdown in the hallway. 

As Lisbon got into the taxi, she called Pike to accept his proposal of marriage. I thought it was apt. He gave her one of the least romantic proposals possible when he said "What the hell. Will you marry me?" at the office. Answering him over the phone seemed equally unsentimental.

Despite an agreement to get married, I don't believe we've heard either one of them mention the word love.

In the middle of all of this. my love for Agent Abbott continued to grow. First, he approached Jane back in Austin.

You're acting cool about stuff I know you can't be cool with.


Then, there was his sympathetic look when Lisbon threw the drink in Jane's face. He's Jane's boss. Jane lied to him and cost the agency money in a bogus investigation but Abbott simply looked somewhere between amused and sorry for Jane. Anger didn't play into it at all, and that was before an actual killer was arrested. 

Even better was when he realized that Cho had no idea why Lisbon got so angry. It was as though Abbott couldn't imagine how such a smart investigator could be so blind to what was right in front of him. 

I also found it amusing when Cho said that Jane and Lisbon were like brother and sister. I'll admit that that is how I felt the first couple of seasons, but by The Mentalist season 4, I could see their potential as a couple and it's only grown from there.

Some will say that Jane's frantic run to the airport and jump over the fence was out of character - but don't we all act in ways we normally wouldn't when we are desperate and in love? Patrick knew that this was his very last chance to say what he felt and he'd finally found the courage to do it. 

The idea of letting anyone close to me is terrifying for obvious reasons but the truth Teresa is that I can't imagine waking up knowing that I won't see you. The truth is I love you.


Even if he lost her to Pike, at least he knew he'd gotten the words out, and that was something. 

When the sun came up the next morning, Patrick was still being held by the TSA but little did he know how much brighter his day was about to become. He almost couldn't believe it when Teresa walked in and wanted to confirm that he'd meant what he said because she felt the same way. She loved him too. 

As Jane leaned over the table to kiss her, the TSA agent yelled, "Quit that!" and I thought, not a chance. These two are just getting started. The Mentalist Season 7 can't get  here fast enough. 

Your turn, TV Fanatics. What did you think of The Mentalist season finale?



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Yes, this is certainly the doldrums. No news, no spoiler alerts. However, the DVDs for S6 will be out the end of September. Good chance to review the entire series so we are primed to analyze whatever they do with S7. We were promised a shocker at one time. It probably wouldn't be my idea of a perfect shocker though. I plan to start watching the DVDs binge fashion, one disk at a time every day I have the time. Knowing how it all turned out up to now should make for interesting speculations about what S7 might be like. I suppose we could guess what the shocker (if any) would be. And of course we would all be wrong.


Gee, I guess we are dying on the vine. End of the year seems like a long time. Have heard no new news. I am guessing they are in production. My only hope is that an advertising will be forthcoming some time so The Mentalist is not forgotten.


Still more about Erica. The "Erica" episodes seemed aimed at illuminating Jane's emotional status re relationships. In the dating video he did he described his ideal woman - his dead wife, but it also described Lisbon. An important statement (as it seemed to me) was his answer to the question about what he most wanted. He said "to escape my past." It looks to me like the plot objective for the S6 finale and the upcoming Erica reprise may be to show that Jane has finally escaped his past. He gets together with Lisbon, shedding his fears and self-hatred, and overcomes his vulnerability to the manipulative Erica by manipulating her right back into prison. Simon wants to show different aspects of Jane's character and having him emotionally freed up and feeling he has escaped his past and rectified as many mistakes as he realistically could should do it. "Blue skies" may start a 3-episode arc for this: "Blue skies smiling at me/ Nothing but blue skies do I see./Never saw the sun shining so bright/Never saw things going so right./ Noticing the days hurrying by/ When you're in love, my how they fly." Maybe Graybar Hotel will introduce a setback for dramatic purposes, but I'd expect Orange Blossom Ice Cream to wrap up Jane's "escape my past" goal. It would be enjoyable to watch. But of course the writers my have something entirely different in mind. Regardless, I think Jane will put Erica back in prison.


Well well, my avatar's back. There is no figuring out this system. OK, more about Erica. Obviously she is in Beirut hiding out from getting arrested, so the plot sends Jane and Lisbon there so they can all connect and the writers can tie up that loose end. And Erica wants to help solve whatever the crime of the week is in exchange for freedom!!?? Ha! That's what she did the last time and she used the scam to skip the country. I'm thinking Jane sees this as an opportunity to make up for letting himself get seduced by her. Remember how he got in competition with Erica in their first episode because "She thinks I'm not smart enough to catch her." He is not the type to let something like that go - he has to prevail in the end. I expect he will play Erica like she played him so he can have the satisfaction of sending her off to prison. Checkmate.


Getting any comment to post on here seems puzzlingly hare work. I have tried several times the last few days. Anyway, for those who like Robin Tunny, here is a piece on her house
which she has put up for sale.


Damn! I lost my avatar again!


I'm commenting on various comments but not as replies because stuff ends up way down the list. It seems to work better to first do a Sort by Newest, see what's being said, and then post from the top. Well, of course they will bring back Erica Flynn. Can't let a murderer go scot free. That's a major loose end. But will she try to seduce Jane again? Of course. That's what she does. However, this time I have major doubts - in fact I think it's impossible - for Jane to fall for that again now that he and Lisbon finally know where they stand with each other. The earlier attractions were just flare-ups of a sublimated yearning for an emotional connection with someone. That is no longer his problem. So maybe Graybar Hotel will refer to a prison and Jane will put Erica there for good. (Or at least 20 years.) Yes, TM hit a bad spot where plot confusion was rampant. I assume it was all part of trying to deal with a possible cancelation and trying to do a finale than might not be a finale. Killing off so many cast members seemed to be a quick way to wrap up the Red John phase, with no time for a plot that allowed a show of distress, as we got with the Bosco killings. I think the writers will do fine with S7. They know they have a half season and what loose ends they feel need tying up. I would have been OK if they just forgot about Erica, as they did with Kristina - or will she show up again!?


Third episode....think Erika Flynn. Just read that she is returning. They just couldn't leave well enough alone could they? Just think.....a triangle....bah humbug.

@ Diane Engel

They seem determined to push this. I had thought they may continue because I saw that article about them having intended Jane to have an affair with Fischer, but stalled it at the last moment. The article was with someone from the show, so not made up news I think. I wish I could remember where I saw it. Has Fischer been written out? I cant see how much room they have for her with the new female FBI agent being written in. It seems in some ways much harder to post on here now. I wrote that bit down the page the other day and it posted up ok, then when I went back a few minutes later it had vanished from the forum. So I gave up writing here, then checked back today and my comment has reappeared. But puzzlingly in my view of everyones comments there are comments a month old above stuff only pasted in the last couple of days. Is the new system always this erratic or is it my pc? Now it wont let me start a new post, only reply to one already there. Weird. Rational/Washgurl - thanks for the comments on the final episodes - I have often thought of both of your excellent arguments and insights over the past couple of months. I am glad you enjoyed the end of the series. I cant seem to get past Lisbon turning into someone so unpleasant, I think perhaps she reminds me too much in the last quarter of the series of someone I used to know in real life and I seem to have got stuck in a rut with that somehow. Even if I change my mind, I could not see them now until the DVD is released here in the autumn. I dont know if I will continue to watch the show when the new series arrives. Its very odd as I miss the show but I feel it has lost a lot of what used to be there. I like the reboot on the whole, but killing off so many characters and no one caring at all abotu thier deaths - somehow the show got ruthless in a way it had not been before. Lisbon used to make up for such deficits from Jane but even she did not care about dead collegues. I guess to me the show was about attempting to do the decent thing in often difficult situations and someplace in the last half the characters lost the 'trying' and moved to the 'indifferent'. I will wait and see how it looks like the new series is shaping up. It would be nice to be able to feel more positive about it, in the way I had felt about the many previous series of it that ran. Hey, I wonder if this post will ever show up on the forum? Lets try.... fingers crossed!

@ Just Passing

I seem to have been lucky those last days - first time I got all posts in without any trouble... ;) I see where you're coming from, and especially if personal memories are stirred up I know how it feels to just not want to get involved in something. It's happened to me on other occasions, and there's just nothing you can do. So please don't think I'm trying to convince you it's all diamond and not cut glass. ;-)
Plus, 2.0 is confusing, if not downright disturbing at times. However, in hindsight I have to admit I like and admire what they've done there. For one thing, Lisbon has always been a hoard of understanding and tolerance of Jane's behaviour, and just leaving it this way would have denied her character of something. It's a good thing the backbone story goes into her having her own conflict and troubles. And it's quite understandable that after that stunt PJ pulled on her in "Fire and Brimstone", plus the hint that there might have been something with Fisher on that island she's destabilizing emotionally.
Problem is, we're not shown the story through her eyes. POV can be a tricky thing on film, but I guess if this were a book we'd be having a lot of third person - sometimes more distant, more all-knowing author-style, and sometimes a little third person subjective. So we get the same information as every other character on the show, just like it'd be in real life.
And then the gap between what we see and what we hear gets ever bigger. The whole Pike-story long there's a not-too-small contradiction between Lisbon's body language and her lines. It creates a lot of confusion, to put it mildly. It so much confused the heck out of me that I completely missed out on the facial expressions bit. In hindsight, now I know what it all came down to, it's so apparent how Lisbon reacts to every con, every lie, every deceit with growing aversion. Strongly. And I'd love to be able to say: yea, it was clear the whole time, but if I'm honest I have to admit I just couldn't see it.
They've turned the gender-clichè of "a man - a word, a woman - an allegoric book" upside down, and now it's Lisbon who's going for clear words or nothing. Head over heart. No wonder it takes Jane ages to figure out. He's reading her body language absolutely correct, right to the end when she's leaving on a rational decision. Head says, enough is enough, can't take anymore.
And that's a very nice effect. I would have had a hard time mustering any empathy had it not been so. I couldn't prove that shared feeling of confusion is what they were after, but I have a gut-feeling this was an intended by-product of the conflict in the backbone-story. It's also a nice game with "actions speak louder than words" and the whole "show-don't-tell" mantra.
In hindsight, one of the best seasons ever. At least backbone-story wise. In my very humble opinion though the single case-stories have suffered a little from the backbone taking over, but, hey, we've had 5 years of mostly excellent cases, as befits a procedural series, and I don't see how they could've closed in time and still provided closure and stayed fair and true to the characters in any other way. I hope the bonus season sees the return of well-plotted, original cases with compelling guest characters, but we'll have to wait and see.

@ Just Passing

What are you using to post? Mobile or PC based? Additionally, you can change the view to show the best or most recent comments. That could be why you think yours are disappearing. Just trying to troubleshoot a bit!

@ Diane Engel

It's one of the still open hooks they've got left - the one who got away. I like the fact they're going back and addressing it - closure in sight. It's going to be fun, conflict and tension for one ep and then it'll be over.
I hope.
But, come on, first the speculation on Vega, now Flynn... there's a pattern shaping. Like in, it's fun to see people getting all worked up at the mere mention of a name before anything has even happened.
I'm more worried about this Beirut-bit - going places now? CIA? Sounds a bit OTT, but I'll wait and see what will happen. Just a little worried. ;)


I went to that spoiler link Roadrunner posted and got more details about the colors: In airing order: 701 - "Nothing But Blue Skies." 702 - "The Graybar Hotel" 703 - "Orange Blossom Ice Cream" So what can we make of this? The Blue skies thing certainly looks like a happy episode. it would be nice to see one where Jane is free of his angst and happy to be in love again. Same for Lisbon. She has put up with a lot of angst herself in waiting for Jane's Red John obsession to play out, fearing he will sacrifice his life or never be able to love again. Then we get to the Graybar hotel. Sounds like something dismal or sinister going on but maybe not related to the Jane-Lisbon relationship itself but Jane's very iffy future with the FBI and someone there up to no good. The orange blossom ice cream sounds odd. We connect orange blossoms with weddings, but I don't think Jane and Lisbon will get married. But they might. The ice cream reminds me of Jane's remark in an episode where he and Lisbon were talking about - I don't know - the uncertainties of life? And Jane said, "Until then, there's ice cream." So: something about an uncertain wedding? It's tough to wait because these titles sound so intriguing.

@ rationalgal2

"Nothing But Blue Skies" is also in a song from Willie Nelson. I think it is just called "Blue Skies". It'll be interesting to see if they circle back to the two Red Skies - episodes they had earlier, or if skies are just skies. "Graybar Hotel": the episode you mean would be 4.9 with the... uh, football? (I think it was football, not baseball) player who was a "live victim". In the end, they talk about being remembered after death - Jane states he doesn't care, Lisbon wants to be remembered, he replies "You will be, fondly, and until then...".
Interestingly enough, the one before that (was the one I rewatched after getting off night shift yesterday) was the episode where Summer shows up for the first time. Other than that, you have a strong theme of transformations there, getting in and out of masks and double identities (not just the undercover cops). There's mention of a "Graybar Hotel" there (going to prison) and then there are some echoes with 'Il Tavolo Bianco'.
Echoes? Another weird, very weird theory of mine, and one I'm still digging into. I'm under the impression that in many 2.0 episodes there are "echoes" of a kind. A writing device like Mirrors and Contrasts. Something in a scene calls up a memory of another scene. Like Cho's "I'm relaxed" both an old episode (the one with the chess game at the beginning, when they visit the treatment facility for rich people with addictions, can't remember the title right now but it'll come back to me) and in Golden Hammer. I don't know if it's just me, but I get this feeling that is not exactly Deja-vu, but more something of, well, an echo, a parallel. Like I said, currently digging into it and trying to see if it's just coincidence or if there's something behind it.
Another thing, maybe just as coincidental, is the recurrence of bits, and it has been going on for longer. And is so OTT that is probably just *is* a coincidence, but still, it's a good memory exercise. Take a look at the - I'm not sure if you'd call it a "Cardigan", but for lack of a better word in a foreign language - cardigan Bosco's secretary is wearing and then watch 5.2. Or, like naming Rangers "Green" (first Volker ep and Forest Green) - small, insignificant stuff - but I have these "I've seen this before!"-attacks, which are just fun. "Orange Blossom Ice-Cream": made me think about Johnny Cash's Orange Blossom special before I stumbled upon the aura colour theory. Also about lemons and oranges. But that's just mindmapping. ;)


And now, just for something different, I thought I'd send all of you this little poem related to Australia, in honor of Simon Baker (and because I just saw the movie "Noah.") The author is a friend of mine. Monotremes
By Dale Hagen, Duluth MN "Don't think I'm not grateful,"
The platypus said,
"For the ride that we had on the boat."
The echidna just rattled
His quills as he battled
The angleworm stuck in his throat. "We've been walking for centuries,
Or so it seems,
And my webs are quite sore, bless my beak."
The echidna replied,
"I've a pain in my side
And I've had it since sometime last week." Through the ache and the pain
And occasional rain,
Our two heroes kept ambling on
'Til the platypus said,
"There's a land bridge ahead
And our destiny lies just beyond." The echidna then stated,
"It must have been fated
Our travels have taken so long,
But old Noah was great,
A regular mate,
And he saved us all, weak and strong. But what I don't understand
Of this kindly old man,
With his nautical paraphernalia,
Is why did he make us all
Get off the Ark
So damn bloody far from Australia?"

@ rationalgal2

Delightful!! Thank you Rationalgal

The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

You're acting cool about stuff I know you can't be cool with.


Oh LIsbon's not leaving. She likes to talk like she might but I don't think she's going anywhere.

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