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The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

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Lisbon was leaving Austin in a week and the only one who didn't know about it was Patrick Jane on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 22.

Packing to Go
Lisbon must be packing to move to Washington D.C. with Marcus Pike. Is she really happy about making the move?

As a matter of fact, not only hadn't Lisbon told him, Jane was in complete denial, as evidenced by this The Mentalist quote

Oh LIsbon's not leaving. She likes to talk like she might but I don't think she's going anywhere.


He had convinced himself that she wouldn't go, which is probably why he put so little effort into stopping her. At least the realization that he was about to lose her prompted the quickest case closure in history. 

The moment the letter showed up, I wondered if it was all a ploy from Jane, yet I couldn't be certain. But I knew it was the right combination of smart, sneaky and convoluted that it could be a plan of Patrick Jane's. 

Jane appeared completely delighted by both their walk on the beach and Teresa's joy at cracking the code. His code. He'd obviously put a lot of thought into this plan, right down to wardrobe, as he'd picked three different dresses for Teresa to choose from for dinner.

It might be our last case together so how can anything be too nice.


All of that happiness and anticipation came crashing down when Lisbon found out that Jane had booked their suite days prior to the arrival of that letter.

She felt used and heartbroken and I couldn't blame her when she railed against Jane's lies and manipulations.

You don't give a damn about what I want or need. I am just a convenience for you. You use me. It's all about you.


Because that's always been her fear, that Jane doesn't care about her as much as she cares about him. When they were chasing Red John, she suspected she was simply a means to an end.

Now, Jane hides his feelings so well that she's convinced herself that her presence makes his life easier, more comfortable and that's why he doesn't want her to leave. 

When Jane finally left her door, it looked as though he was rushing in to his room not to have a breakdown in the hallway. 

As Lisbon got into the taxi, she called Pike to accept his proposal of marriage. I thought it was apt. He gave her one of the least romantic proposals possible when he said "What the hell. Will you marry me?" at the office. Answering him over the phone seemed equally unsentimental.

Despite an agreement to get married, I don't believe we've heard either one of them mention the word love.

In the middle of all of this. my love for Agent Abbott continued to grow. First, he approached Jane back in Austin.

You're acting cool about stuff I know you can't be cool with.


Then, there was his sympathetic look when Lisbon threw the drink in Jane's face. He's Jane's boss. Jane lied to him and cost the agency money in a bogus investigation but Abbott simply looked somewhere between amused and sorry for Jane. Anger didn't play into it at all, and that was before an actual killer was arrested. 

Even better was when he realized that Cho had no idea why Lisbon got so angry. It was as though Abbott couldn't imagine how such a smart investigator could be so blind to what was right in front of him. 

I also found it amusing when Cho said that Jane and Lisbon were like brother and sister. I'll admit that that is how I felt the first couple of seasons, but by The Mentalist season 4, I could see their potential as a couple and it's only grown from there.

Some will say that Jane's frantic run to the airport and jump over the fence was out of character - but don't we all act in ways we normally wouldn't when we are desperate and in love? Patrick knew that this was his very last chance to say what he felt and he'd finally found the courage to do it. 

The idea of letting anyone close to me is terrifying for obvious reasons but the truth Teresa is that I can't imagine waking up knowing that I won't see you. The truth is I love you.


Even if he lost her to Pike, at least he knew he'd gotten the words out, and that was something. 

When the sun came up the next morning, Patrick was still being held by the TSA but little did he know how much brighter his day was about to become. He almost couldn't believe it when Teresa walked in and wanted to confirm that he'd meant what he said because she felt the same way. She loved him too. 

As Jane leaned over the table to kiss her, the TSA agent yelled, "Quit that!" and I thought, not a chance. These two are just getting started. The Mentalist Season 7 can't get  here fast enough. 

Your turn, TV Fanatics. What did you think of The Mentalist season finale?



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I'm not saying that the whole story is creditable but they do have these connections in there. O'Laughlin seemed creditable enough to be Van Pelt's fiancee until he wasn't and the same goes for Le Roache being Jane's friend. Ardiles and Le Roache are finished story arcs, they were dirty, connected to the Blake Association and then exterminated for what they knew. Now let's look at the spaciousness of Bosco and his team. Jane's quote, " I could have bribed or blackmailed them but I didn't".


If the writers were doing all this on purpose, they have a lot of explaining to do. It would amount to a whole new story arc. They wrapped up S6 in a way that sort of served as a series finale, hoping viewers would not think of all those dropped threads. Let's hope they really did want a S7 so they could redeem their story telling reputations with some credible resolutions. It could take a lot of episodes because everything would have to fit around the crime of the week, bit by bit.


Also we know Le Roache was connected because he took the lighter which he said was going to the lab and it had the print of the killer on it. Le Roache got rid of the evidence. Todd Johnson could have been killed in a number of inconspicuous ways. The use of fire was an attempt to set up Rigsby because of his background in fire investigations. In a different episode Le Roache wanted Van Pelt to ware a wire around her coworkers Which she called friends. Le Roache wanted to tap into the inner circle. Why? What did he suspect? Ok, there it is. If Le Roache was connected to the Blake Association, he would have known if there was a Blake Association member in the inner circle and he would have not need to wire Van Pelt. But there is one problem that doesn't completely resolve the issue. What if the person in the inner circle belonged to another cell? See how this keeps suspicion on the inner circle? I'm positive this was done on purpose as part of the mystery that they finished with in season 6. I'm not sure if we are suppose to figure this out or if they will dialogue this in the final wrap up. We know that Ardiles was dirty, in fact criminal. Shettdrick told Lisbon to blackmail Ardiles with an old case. We know that it was criminal because he gave Lisbon what she wanted not to expose him. Why is Ardiles dead? Because he was also a member of the Blake Association and they were cleaning up. Now the big question is, why would Ardiles trust Lisbon after she threatened to expose him and blackmailed him. Why did the trail lead back to the rigspelts who have the ability to tap phones. What is it that the writers want us to infer from this? The more I flip this over, the more I see that the writers were doing things on purpose.

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Hmmmm my avatar changed all by itself. Maybe I should log out and in again.


Ani, you are so sharp at finding these threads. Tie them together and there is a great story. Strange thing, though, is that the writers never did that. It's as if they created story without being aware they were dong that. I will give Cho a pass on the Blake poem. Tyger Tyger is well known to well-read people and Cho has been shown to be very well read. He was reading "Wuthering Heights" for pete's sake! I don't know what to think of LaRoche. He seemed to be destined in the plot to befriend Jane, but the writers killed him off. I suppose it was to quicken the S6 wrapup in case there was no S7. Now back to my saying the writers don't keep track of their own story. A strange thing happened in Red Dawn. This was filmed in S5 as a retrospective episode. And there Lisbon was wearing that same very plain cross she wore in S1, which became fancier in subsequent seasons. I thought the prop dept had probably lost it, hence the change in design, but there is was. How come they got that bit of continuity right but almost no others? And why the changing cross styles at all? The cross was said to have belonged to her mother. TM's behind the scenes mysteries are more confounding that those we see on the screen.


I was watching Strawberries and cream I and I found a whole spool of thread. Le Roache said someone who worked at the CBI killed Todd Johnson. So it couldn't have been O'Laughlin. So O'Laughlin could only be said to be the inside man, not the killer of Johnson. Anyone in the series whoever quoted Blake was connected to Red John. No one else in the series except the people connected to Red John knew anything about Blake. This is where the series has been very consistent. SO WHY IS CHO AN EXCEPTION? Even Jane had to buy the book. In this episode Le Roache asked if the gas station attendant said anything, then he shot him in the squad car. Le Roache shot and killed an unarmed man. Le Roache is right handed, his weapon would have been against the door. Le Roache got killed because he was part of the Blake Association. How do I know this? The Tupperware box, they accepted his membership and let him keep his job. His was a crime of passion but still a crime in which he would have lost his job and went to jail. He was working with the Blake Association in setting up Hightower. He was a loose end that needed to be exterminated.

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It seems something about Red John will have to come up in S7 because they have to deal with the end of Jane's indentured servitude and the list of names he is holding as leverage but are just made up.


Glad you found a way to get back on this site, Washgurl! I hope our other chat friends find their way here OK. I kind of think CBS is holding TM to see which of its new shows flops so it can put TM in to save the ratings. Some shows last only a few episodes - maybe 3 or so - before they get pulled. Let's hope whatever flops, flops early so TM can start this fall in time for the end of year ratings sweeps. It it does well it could be slotted for the full season. Also, like Ani, I'm hoping S7 will give us a face-saving revisit to the RJ phase so we get a credible ending. I'm very much in favor of an ending where RJ is never actually revealed but just disappears out of Jane's life. He WAS mainly a symbol of Death, which is never defeated but can be accepted for what it is. Jane could thus learn to accept that life is what it is (which seems to be his philosophy anyway) and learn that we can't always have what we want (as he said to Erica).

@ rationalgal2

You know with Jane, that means everybody else but him.


Well.....I tried the new sort and the reply seems to work too. The one thing that was
different was that I used my computer instead of IPad. Hope it works there. I tried and tried to change the sort on with the IPad. Couldn't do it. Maybe this will be what is needed for me to get around. Hope so. So......they start filming July 30 or Aug 1? Read it somewhere on a Mentalist page.
Gee that's a long time till the first of the year. Maybe some program will flop and
Mentalist can come to the rescue!


I always thought that the way they were going there would be a major dialogue between the two and then a knockdown drag out fight. It would only take one episode. I can see Red John or the string puller slithering out of the shadows asking Jane why he thought it would be so easy? And what made him think this was ever going to be over? No ties, no draws, no wins. Just me and you until I get tied of the game. Everyone but you thinks I'm dead and no one will believe otherwise. You will never know when I might turn up.

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@ anitraward1

Trying the reply. They could do that at the end, right. It would be macabre but
what the heck. Could Patrick live with that? Hopefully by the end of the series he could. Of course he would have to tell Lisbon, right?

@ Washgurl36

Well? No to protect her from the psychological factor and yes because I would want them to be able to handle it as a couple. So.... basically, I don't know! What do you think?