They Finally Kiss
After darn near losing her for good, Patrick Jane finally found the courage to tell Teresa Lisbon he loved. her. They finally shared their first real kiss in The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 22, "Blue Bird" as Jisbon shippers everywhere swooned.

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Carolee gross

I diffinately will miss the charactors on the show The Mentalist.I am sad that Simon Baker has had enough of the charactor Patrick Jane.Hope he finds a happy acting position somewhere because he is a good actor


The final episode. Based upon my personal experience, it made so much sense. Like saying goodbye to old friends, I will miss Patrick & Teresa...

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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

You're acting cool about stuff I know you can't be cool with.


Oh LIsbon's not leaving. She likes to talk like she might but I don't think she's going anywhere.