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Patrick Jane was the last to know that Teresa Lisbon was leaving for Washington D.C. in a week on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 22 which is probably why he hadn't been trying to change her mind. 

But when a letter opening a high profile cold case turned up, Lisbon's transfer was put on hold as she and Jane tracked the lead to a romantic hotel on the beach. Unfortunately it didn't take long for Lisbon to figure out that it had all been a ruse. Jane had sent the letter himself because he didn't want to see her go. When his plan came to light, the whole thing backfired and Lisbon was furious.

She was so angry that she fled to the airport to catch the first flight to D.C. and marry Marcus Pike. When Jane realized he would lose her forever, he gave chase. Thwarting security, climbing a fence and bursting onto the plane Jane professed his love, even if it was too late. Then TSA officers dragged him away.

Still being held the next morning, Patrick was shocked to see Teresa come to his rescue and admit that she loved him too. In response, he leaned across the table and kissed her.

If the romantic in you wants to see it all again, you can watch The Mentalist online right here at TV Fanatic. 

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I am so glad the writers made Patrick admit he loves Teresa and did not mess the ending of the season with a cliffhanger like Castle. The kiss was so soft and loving.You feel the the joy and emotion for the two characters .We the fans are filled with joy and happiness at the end of the season .We are happy to wait for season 7.My husband is so happy to watch next season with me.Thank You

Sai santosh mudaliar

it was hw long do u think dey wud hv lasted with the red john fact its better now that the show aktually focuses of janes's post traumatic life.
love the way its going on...hope to see many more seasons,,,,,simon is just the best MENTALIST....


Loved this episode!!! So happy that Jane professed his love to Lisbon and so glad she stayed and let him know she loved him too. I loved the kiss. It was so soft, loving, and romantic. I am looking forward to season 7. Thank you CBS for renewing The Mentalist!!!


Killing off Red John was a big mistake which the writers recognized too late. I think the show is done. Half a season at best beginning in January. Learning from this error, the Hawaii Five 0 writers have let the villain out of prison leaving the audience in suspense for yet another season. Whatever one's opinion of Five-0 it will last much longer than the Mentalist.


The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

You're acting cool about stuff I know you can't be cool with.


Oh LIsbon's not leaving. She likes to talk like she might but I don't think she's going anywhere.