Jon Cryer stars as Alan Harper on Two and a Half Men.  Alan is charlie's less successful younger brother.  Alan moves in with Charlie after his divorce from his first ex-wife, Judith.

Alan has weekend custody of his son, Jake, who lives with him at Charlie's.  Alan is a chiropractor, yet due to his alimony payments, is struggling and has to depend on his brother.

Alan gets married and divorced a second time to the very young and attractive, Kandi.  He's lovable and annoying at the same time.

Alan Harper Quotes

Charlie: For every gorgeous woman out there's a guy tired of banging her.
Alan: But that guy is never me.

Alan: Oh, Judith, when did you start hating me so much?
Judith: Well, let's see: I disliked you when we were married, I resented you when we divorced, but I don't think I hated you until you started having sex with that gorgeous 22 year-old dumbbell.
Alan: OK, well, thanks for clearing that up

Two and a Half Men Quotes

Charlie: Oh, try
Alan: Pudding Girls?
Charlie: Trust me.
Alan: Oh ... ew.

Yeah, hi. I'm watching your commercial cash for gold and you just showed a woman selling her wedding ring for $500. No, I don't want to sell gold, I want to meet her. She's hot and we know her marriage isn't working out.