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Tweek Tweak is one of the South Park elementary students most noticably by his jittery and paranoid behavior from his caffeine addiction.  For awhile, Tweek replaced Kenny during the sixth season when he was permanently dead.

Tweek Tweak Quotes

Mr. Tweek: What can I get for you, Officer Barbrady?
Barbrady: Oh, just the usual.
(Mr. Tweek hits Barbrady in the face with a cat)
Barbrady: Thanks! See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Tweek: Oh hello son. How was your day?
Tweek: Arghhh!
Mrs. Tweek: Who are your little friends?
Tweek: What do you mean?
Kyle: We're his oral report buddies.
Stan: Yeah, we have to stay up all night to write it.
Mrs. Tweek: Well have some coffee boys. I'll brew up another pot for later.
Kyle: Coffee? I don't think I like coffee.
Mrs. Tweek: Oh you'll like this coffee, it's fresh.
Mr. Tweek: Country fresh, like the morning after a rainstorm.
Stan: Okay.

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He's so cute! Very loveable. His twitches and "nrgh" sounds are the best.


tweeks sooo funny lol

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