Blair in Blue
Blair in a blue dress. She's a beauty, this one.

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Yeah, Blair is supposed to have dark brown hair. I liked her way better in season 1 with dark brown hair. I don't dig the red-brown color. It makes her look plain. Besides, she looks like a 40-year old in this picture.


that's crazy why does this picture look like that ..

Anna maria

I love her and she's beautiful but I hate the dress..she should have worn a better one, like that red one Louis gave was perfection.


i think her hair looks a bit too red for her complexion, it washes her out a bit. But the style and cut of it looks amazing on her

Elise of the upper east side

wow! wish I looked like that.


I absolutely agree.

Get out working girl

She's so gorgeous.

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Chuck gave Eva a limited edition Baignoire Cartier watch. Gossip Girl even has a whole thread where people can guess how much it costs.


Dorota: Sorry, Miss Blair. No papers today. I think maybe 8H steal them again.
Blair: Dorota. We both know it was you, not Susan Lucci, who took my papers. But there's no point. It's all over the Internet.