Chuck and Blair in Action
Chuck and Blair in "Witches of Bushwick." This is going to be a great episode, we have a feeling.

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there he goes again with the unecessarily dramatic hand gestures.


Blair has a Care Bear & Cabbage Patch kid?? huh...

Nina loving bc

bushwick... remember when dan said aint no party like a bushwick party


wow, i think my grandfather has that same suit

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Hey Serena, it's me. I saw your thing in The Post. Just wanted you to know that Brooklyn is a great place to avoid nasty looks. Unless you throw your recycling in the regular trash or try to open a chain store with questionable labor practices.


Serena: Hey, why are you guys eating? I thought we were going to Sarabeth's.
Eric: Ah, we decided we could spread out better here. There's more room to work.
Serena: On what, your calculus homework?
Eric: Your love life. It's a little something called "Dan vs. Nate". We're here to help.
Elliot: And we brought protractors.