Dinner with Blair
Blair and Nate look every bit the happy pairing in "Seder Anything," but we have a feeling like everything surrounding them, this is bound to change soon enough.

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the titanic comment( the first comment) was sooo funny!!!!


they are perfect for each other.


so cute...chuck is soooo lame and gross nate is hot and perfect


i think nate n blair really cute together...chuck it's not a bit like his old self lately and if u all realize since that episode with elle in it his character is more matured n sweet!! where is d notorious chuck bass??


Wow the costumes just get better and better! She looks stunning. Love it. Although that should be Chuck sitting next to her :D


Oh wow she's so beautiful!
Yup totally My Fair Lady


You guys are insane, saying this outfit is ugly! It is so classy and chic!You know, there is more to life than converse and cardigans.


they are sooo more boring then chair, chair is more fun exititg


Um, what the heck are they wearing? The hat? Her dress? Does he have an ascot on? Are they at the Kentucky Derby sans 1880?


UGH I can't stand blair and nate. blair belongs with chuck they are two of a kind. nate is too much of a preppy yawn.

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

I don't even know how to say half the words in this prayer book named after Joe Lieberman's wife.


[to Blair] When it comes to these things, it takes a while to start to matter.


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Graffiti eyes Graffiti Eyes Stellastarr iTunes
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