Jenny and Nate Pic!
Jenny and Nate in a pic from "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?" What do you suppose is going on with these two?

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shit man, i love this pic. it made me jump with joy. :> lmao


i tottaly agree with julia said...
yeaahh break her nose! and get back to brooklyn!
what she was wore is LILY MONEY!!
and i guess she is not a queen at all! BLAIR..come on get off her!


OMG i would be soooo happy if nate and jenny got back together!! they are perfect and nate is so caring about her!
serena/dan( even though they are now related so sad)
and vanessa can go find someone who is far away.....


nate will one day that jenny is just like blair!! get over it!! its the truth. and they will be together forever
just like chuck and blair.


come on Eleonora, 18 and 16 is completely normal! what disgusts me is HER! he's wayy to hot for her! she's so white she looks albino and I watched the promo of the plasticines and now hate her more than ever! he should never be with her! I hope she trips off the stage and breaks her nose!


Yeahhh I was soooo happy dead happy to see this!!!

Blair cornelia archibald

Nate reminds me of Newland Archer in this photo.


GOD NO !! Nate is a college guy and Jenny is 16 ! Is that even legal ? I don't like them together :|


yesss nate and jenny!!SEX PLEASE!


no way.... omg ..what is this girl doing with nate? oh...she may forget who she is... go back to broocklyn little girl... I dont think they are good together...noooo.... OMG... is they will be together...i will stop watching gossip girl.. i think Jenny wants to be like Serena. first she is taking her room, then nate.and she is really bad with eric.she forgot that he was only one friend.but she id queen now and doesn't need Eric anymore..

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