B to the Dizzubs
Blair Waldorf in the January 24, 2011 episode of Gossip Girl. What does the new year hold for our Queen B?

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@Dair: Blair is 20 now, she became a young woman and she looks classy.


One word- eyeliner! She does not look that great with the natural look


sigh, i dont like these pictures of her, she looks drab and doomed. isn't there a glamorous ball or something that she can wear a fabulous dress for?


She looks like a still life painting. some people doesnt know how to appreciate. what evil eyes they have.


she looks really tired and annoyed

Uche bass

she looks AMAZING!!!!

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Serena: Just take me away from my problems, please. Tell me, what did you do over the break?
Blair: Why? What did you hear?

Serena: I had to pull an Erin Brockovich and go down to the Litchfield County clerk's office to try to get a copy of the case. And how's this for irony ...
Blair: Court records are public so you wore a push-up bra for no reason?
Serena: The case filed is sealed because it involved a minor.