Off the Waldorf
Can't believe it took us 3.5 seasons to think up that pun. Or that we used it at all. Sorry.

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and she looks better with highlights


she totally needs some eyeliner


i have a feeling that things for blair are going to get sadder before they get better :( chuck will be off saving his business (HOPEFULLY NOT GETTING HIS CHUCK ON WITH RAINA), serena will be with the jailbird, her parents are in paris, and well, she doesn't really have other friends. so all thats left is dan and bulimia (im still waiting for this to resurface as a significant storyline rather than just a problem from her past) oops, i forgot about nate.
imagine that


@ delenaforthewin that is also my opinion


Like what Elena said, Classy B! Vintage Hollywood chic.


ever since the beginning of season 3, they have been making blair's outfits horrendously ugly.its quite disappointing.


I love what she wears, her character, and she has great hair, but the part down the middle is not flattering. Hair dept. could do better.


Classy B. ^^

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Serena: Just take me away from my problems, please. Tell me, what did you do over the break?
Blair: Why? What did you hear?

Serena: I had to pull an Erin Brockovich and go down to the Litchfield County clerk's office to try to get a copy of the case. And how's this for irony ...
Blair: Court records are public so you wore a push-up bra for no reason?
Serena: The case filed is sealed because it involved a minor.