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Melancholy Vanessa
What does "It's a Wonderful Lie" hold for Vanessa Abrams? We will have to wait and see. But it may end with more disappointment for poor V.

Rating: 3.6 / 5.0 (55 Votes)

V is pretty ! and she is not a bitch but
i prefer Jenny with Nate
i don't know why !!


i think V and J are just both bitches. imagine their friendship was ruined because of a guy?ohh. don't blame V nor J i think people should blame N?. :))


you guys are so jealous, she's the prettiest actress on this show! oh sure, she's got something you don't, that's why.


wow josephwoodsismine you sound kinda venomous! while nobody on the show is moral she is really the least shallow .jenny is just another little cockblocker and frankly isn't the little innocent lamb that everyone makes her out to be.while it may not matter who was with nate first it really matters who will be with him last and it will not be little jenny.vanessa is a beautiful character with flaws and all(newsflash NOBODY is perfect!)she is the most beautiful of jospeh woods is probally way too hot for you anyway so stop hating on fictional people and get a life!


Vanessa is one of the best characters in the show, even tho i still like serena the best..
Vanessa is the only mind entered on the show... is the only one that cares about the rest... and jenny is just another bitch! She is the most beautiful of all.. brunette... because someone has to be the smart one


i hate vanessa


shes sad in this picture cuz she just realized there are fingers on her right hand


I beg to differ...she is a total moron with barely enough brains to spell her name correctly. Did anyone see how she treated Jenny when they confronted each other, yet again, about Nate? Totally uncalled for, and rather immature. Then, of course, she steals Jenny's letter so that Nate and Jenny will spend the rest of their adolescent lives wondering why the other failed to communicate, just so she can have the satisfaction of knowing she is keeping them apart. For someone who is dubbed as "moral", she certainly has a long way to go. Who cares if she was there before Jenny? The important thing is, she is so self-righteous that the problems of everybody else disappear before her mind-numbingly dumb gaze.


she is THE BEST LOOKING girl on this show and she has good clothes.
she makes the most sense out of all of them even though blair is still my favorite girl character
and she WAS there before jenny on the whole nate thing
i think vanessa and nate should be together until nates just crazy then he should be with jenny


I don't know why everyone's so harsh on her. She looks like a gorgeous Greek goddess here. Classy.

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