All Susan wanted from her parents' cabin were letters written by John Cheever that end up revealing an affair between him and her father.
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The Seinfeld gang finds itself in a limousine when George pretends to be some kind named O'Brian in "The Limo."
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George comes back from the hospital with bad news after visiting his friend at the hospital... the news being about his stock tip of course.
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Jerry and Elaine end up doing a stakeout outside a woman's office building so that Jerry can get a date with her.
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Jerry and the gang volunteer to spend time with old people. Jerry's ends up being a selfish old man.
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A picture of Jerry holding the infamous Pez Dispenser that caused a breakup on Seinfeld.
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The Bubble Boy ends up strangling George over a board game on Seinfeld.
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When Jerry takes away his spare keys from Kramer, Cosmo takes off on an adventure to California to become an actor on "The Keys."
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Jerry is forced to buy back his own watch from his Uncle Leo, who got it from the trash.
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Jerry and Elaine attempts to have a friends with benefits type relationship... and fail.
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Jerry discovers he's dating a virgin, Marla (Jane Leeves).
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Newman drags Kramer in his troubles as he makes him a witness in his speeding ticket case.
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Seinfeld Quotes

George: Why don't they have salsa on the table?
Jerry: What do you need salsa for?
George: Salsa is now the number one condiment in America.
Jerry: You know why? Because people like to say "salsa." "Excuse me, do you have any salsa?" We need more salsa." "Where's the salsa? No salsa?"
George: You know, it must be impossible for a Spanish person to order seltzer and not get salsa. "I wanted seltzer, not salsa!"
Jerry: "Don't you know the difference between seltzer and salsa?! You have the seltzer after the salsa!"

Elaine: (referring to Dr. Reston) He's like a Svenjolly.
Jerry: Svengali.
Elaine: What did I say?
Jerry: Svenjolly.
Elaine: Svenjolly? I did not say Svenjolly.
Jerry: George?
George: Svenjolly. (licking some peanut butter off his finger)
Elaine: I don't see how I could've said Svenjolly.
Jerry: Well, maybe he's got, like, a cheerful mental hold on you.