Jerry and George break into George's girlfriend's house in order to intercept some angry voicemail messages he left her.
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After hearing about an opening in his apartment building, Jerry immediately notifies Elaine.
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Jerry inherits a statue that looks exactly like one George's family had before he broke it.
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After quitting his job, George tries to go back into work as if nothing happened.
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Jerry pretends to suffocate George with a pillow at the hospital.
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Jerry and Elaine attempts to have a friends with benefits type relationship... and fail.
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Elaine hosts a baby shower at Jerry's place and leave it to Kramer to help ruin the event.
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George, Jerry and Elaine attempt to have dinner at a chinese restaurant without reservations.
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After getting a busboy fried, George and Kramer go to his apartment.
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A picture of Wayne Knight as Newman, a popular, recurring character on Seinfeld.
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George questions his sexuality when "it" moves while getting a massage from a man in "The Note."
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A poster of the Seinfeld cast doing its thing.
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Seinfeld Quotes

George: Why don't they have salsa on the table?
Jerry: What do you need salsa for?
George: Salsa is now the number one condiment in America.
Jerry: You know why? Because people like to say "salsa." "Excuse me, do you have any salsa?" We need more salsa." "Where's the salsa? No salsa?"
George: You know, it must be impossible for a Spanish person to order seltzer and not get salsa. "I wanted seltzer, not salsa!"
Jerry: "Don't you know the difference between seltzer and salsa?! You have the seltzer after the salsa!"

Elaine: (referring to Dr. Reston) He's like a Svenjolly.
Jerry: Svengali.
Elaine: What did I say?
Jerry: Svenjolly.
Elaine: Svenjolly? I did not say Svenjolly.
Jerry: George?
George: Svenjolly. (licking some peanut butter off his finger)
Elaine: I don't see how I could've said Svenjolly.
Jerry: Well, maybe he's got, like, a cheerful mental hold on you.