Another picture of Charlie and his neighbor pharmacist, Russell (Martin Mull). What can we say, we're huge fans of Martin Mull.
Charlie makes Alan drive him to Chelsea when he's had too much cough syrup and bourbon to drive. They have to get her clean clothes and take care of Sir Lancelot.
Jake takes a picture of himself with his cell phone to show his nine year old girlfriend that he is in fact wearing the necklace she gave him. Now help me with my math homework.
Jake is dating a nine year old at school in order to get her help on his math homework. Here he is on the phone with her with Charlie in the background.
Charlie visits his favorite pharmacist, Russell (guest star Martin Mull) to pick up plenty of medicine and tampons for his very sick fiancee, Chelsea.

Two and a Half Men Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Chelsea: What are you doing?
Charlie: You know what happens when we spoon
Chelsea: I'm sick!
Charlie: So am I!

You know when dogs are sick they hide until they feel better.. probably why they're man's best friend