Some Chair HEAT
Chuck and Blair heat up "Witches of Bushwick." Good times.

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So after doing some digging with this picture and the promo, it's C & B that they catch kissing when the curtain is opened. What does this mean? Nobody knew C & B were somewhat back together, so looks like drama is about to go on, especially now that Juliet, Jenny, and Vanessa know what B has been up to.


Chair is my drug, I seriously can't get enough of them. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Anna maria

yaay!! Chair forever!


lets face it while gossip girls main it girl is S,no one would really watch the show if it weren't for chair so lesson learned here-splitting them up is not the best idea

Nina loving bc

why would they say blair might hook up with dan while putting this picture on the post. No, just no.


they already have matching outfits? HOTT.

Jennmo13 gg 3

LOVE love LOVe love


oh my god :O ahhhhhhhhh chair chair chairrrrr


They're sooo cute! I love Chair, definetely the best couple in GG.

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Hey Serena, it's me. I saw your thing in The Post. Just wanted you to know that Brooklyn is a great place to avoid nasty looks. Unless you throw your recycling in the regular trash or try to open a chain store with questionable labor practices.


Serena: Hey, why are you guys eating? I thought we were going to Sarabeth's.
Eric: Ah, we decided we could spread out better here. There's more room to work.
Serena: On what, your calculus homework?
Eric: Your love life. It's a little something called "Dan vs. Nate". We're here to help.
Elliot: And we brought protractors.