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Tony, Ziva and Wendy
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Tony, Ziva and Wendy on the February 14, 2012 episode of NCIS. Should be very interesting.

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    I love how symbolic it is that he's standing between his ex-girlfriend and his future girlfriend. :)


    I won't tell you Wendy is ugly or anything like this, but as a Tiva fan, i'm afraid that she could destroy everything Tony and Ziva had after all. Ok, i know she is an ex, but... When the line is fragile, just a single breath can bring down everything that was built. I cross my fingers for them together, since Undercovers, they had that chemistry that you can see sparks fly from their eyes. You can tell me that i'm a fan, so my opinion is suspect, but i hope Wendy don't destroy everything that was re-made. Oh, please! If you are an Tiva fan, visit our blog! We are two brazilians girls who love them! So, if you know portuguese, the link is there: tivabrasil.blogspot.com