True Blood

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True blood
  Song Artist Heard On
Brick dazz Dazz Brick
True Blood
Season 5 Episode 12: "Save Yourself"
Stabbing westward save yourself Save Yourself Stabbing Westward
True Blood
Season 5 Episode 12: "Save Yourself"
Stevie wonder sunset Sunset Stevie Wonder iTunes
The heavy what makes a good man What Makes a Good Man The Heavy iTunes
Song Like Lava Eros & Evans
Grant langston not another song about california Not Another Song About California Grant Langston iTunes
Gayle lynn rodeo queen Rodeo Queen Gayle Lynn iTunes
Song Cars, Bars, and Guitars The Go Getters
Song Introitus Requiem Crucial Music Corporation
Caroline horn bread and water Bread and Water Caroline Horn
True Blood
Season 5 Episode 10: "Gone, Gone, Gone"
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True Blood Season 5 Quotes

Pam: She smells.
Sookie: Is that bad?
Pam: Can't imagine it's good.

Fangs are basically like twin hard-ons.

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