Do parents know their spending fifty thousand for their daughter to learn how to serve tea?

Maura, shot or stabbed, or did somebody chew on his hip?

Jane: I hate it when you drive.
Maura: I hate it more when you undress and drive.

Just know I don't serve coq au vin, I serve coco puffs.

Hey Julia Childs, I could buy a tube of those crescent things and serve them to you in twenty minutes.

You got balls taking a cop to dinner. Did you think you could charm me too?

Take your VIP seats. Boston Homicide sits in the nose bleeds.

Jesse: Call me. I wouldn't mind be interrogated by you.
Jane: Heard that line. Like four million times.

The only thing Tommy does temporarily is stay out of trouble.

Maura: Chimpanzees do that.
Jane: Do what?
Maura: Grab their crotches. It's a sign of aggression.

Jane: Well, that was a long day.
Maura: Because it started yesterday.

Jane: I am never getting married or having children.
Maura: Do you think that can protect you?

Rizzoli & Isles Quotes

Maura: You still have pain?
Jane: No, I just like saying ow.

Even you would look bad if a bullet had gone through you.