Can you just tell me, are you planning on seeing my brother naked?

Here's the pain you can't undo. Paddy is a gangster and you're a liar.

Jane: Hey Hope, what are you doing here?
Hope: It's about Maura.
Jane: What, you need another body part?

Maybe the Rizzolis aren't cut out for marriage.

Let's get back to work before I spend the day in the fetal position.

All the crap that you say to Tommy and Frankie, you can't ever take that back, Pop.

You don't think it's icky that my boss is sleeping with my mother?

You've got to ask her for forgiveness before you can ask her for help.

Maura: A gluten free almond cookie.
Jane: So it's suppose to taste like cardboard.

I'm so tired my taste buds are asleep.

You are so weird and wonderful.

I always thought I'd know what to say when the man I love proposed to me.