Maura: A gluten free almond cookie.
Jane: So it's suppose to taste like cardboard.

I'm so tired my taste buds are asleep.

You are so weird and wonderful.

I always thought I'd know what to say when the man I love proposed to me.

Jane: I googled you, you know.
Casey: So you know about the sex change.

I'd like a head space analysis. It might help me figure out if I'm going to marry the love of my life or stay here and solve murders and become an old cat lady.

We were hoping to have an orgy and then we realized we were one person short.

Jane: You went without me.
Casey: You wouldn't get up.
Jane: Because it was nighttime.
Casey: I was up at 4:30am.
Jane: In Boston we call that night time.

I think it means that he loves the Army more than me.

Don't read anything into that. Even psychopaths like dogs.

At least she was having a good time. Wine, weed, and cheese doodles.

Maura: Paddy says he won't last much longer in prison.
Jane: Is it bad form to say Yay!?