Susan: (pounding on Kramer's door) Kramer! Kramer!
Jerry: What's that? What's going on?
Susan: Kramer, open up, I know you're in there!
Jerry: Susan.
Susan: Kramer!
Jerry: What is going on?
Susan: You know what's going on? First, he vomits on me! Then, he burns down my father's cabin! And now, he's taken Mona away from me!

Dolores: Oh, Jerry.

Kramer: I'm human...
Jerry: In your way.

I like this opera crowd; I feel tough.

Jerry: I'm going to hire you as my latex salesman?
George: Right.
Jerry: (chuckling) I don't think so.

Hello 911. How are ya?

(guessing his girlfriend's name) Mulva?

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Elaine: She doesn't want to hear that, that was stupid.Jerry: I know it was stupid.Elaine: Really stupid...

She's a Nazi, George. A Nazi!

(Loud thump is heard from the door)
Jerry: Who is it?
Kramer: It's me!
Kramer: Why are you locking the door now?

Jerry: But the question is, are you still master of your domain?
Elaine: I'm queen of the castle.

Kramer: Come on, what's wrong with my boys?
Jerry: Your boys should stay in their neighborhood.