This is what people do at a dance when they don't have dates, huh?

Adrianna: How are you feeling?
Navid: Worse than I ever felt in my life, but not bad.

Navid: You scum bag.
Jasper: Good morning to you, too.

Adrianna: I thought I wasn't your problem anymore.
Navid: I still care about you, okay?

Navid: I'm a tater tot man myself.
Dixon: Dude, you can't say "tater tot" and "man" in the same sentence.

Navid: I'm worried about you.
Annie: Don't be.

I always get shrimp. Does that make me boring and predictable?

Liam: If you like someone and they like you, there's a way around obstacles.
Navid: Like of Dixon went into a rapid aging machine?

I was just thinking of something Adrianna said to me last night... after, you know, we did it!

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