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Mrs. Elkins: How can you be so cold?
Patrick: Practice.

Jane: They argued.
Deb: How do you know they argued?
Jane: He is dead.

Krystal: Oh, you're trouble.
Jane: Harmless as a fly.

We should do this again.

Good luck Teresa. Love you.

Lisbon: Don't you have anyone you would want to call?
Jane: If I were dying, I would want to call you, but you're here with me.
Lisbon: If you were dying?!

Only a scheming and conniving person would so callously try to get a cast mate fired.

If you don't get the bad guy then what's the point of all this?

It's easy to remember when you never forget.

Lisbon: She's a convicted murderer.
Jane: A convicted manslaughterer, actually.

Oh, I like it when you get all authoritarian on me.

The way a person sings can say a great deal about them.

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