(while talking to Cody's parents) I have a question. It's always bothered me. Why do they call it football? People don't really use their feet much, do they?

Yep, that's a shoe.

If you try to question her or even talk to her I will hurt you badly.

Did you use your sexuality as a weapon against him?

You don't hire a personal trainer because you like strenuous activity. You hire a personal trainer because it's the only way to get yourself to do it.

It's like a master class in dishonesty.

I just love the smell of a new car.

Teresa Lisbon. That's a nice name.

Teresa Lisbon: You can't keep pulling me from the path of oncoming trains.
Patrick Jane: Yeah, why not?
Teresa Lisbon: Because there's always new trains coming.

Knowing what people secretly want is what I do.

Oh, I like it when you get all authoritarian on me.

I was thinking love is strange and I was thinking about a sandwich.

The Mentalist Quotes

Check you out. Good looking and helpful.


I just don't want you to leave.