Lisbon: You are a very bad girl.
Jane: You're a bad girl.

Jane: Hmm I did say.
Kristina: You did.

She does the detecting and I do the insulting.

Jane: It's just like a stakeout of old. You skeptical and grumpy. Me confident and cheerful.
Lisbon: You're only being cheerful to irritate me.

There's excitement afoot.

Jane: I don't want you involved.
Lisbon: I am involved.
Jane: Not anymore.

It's like finding a needle in a stack of needles.

Patrick Jane: I've a daughter that would be about your age if I hadn't caused her death... her and her mother.
Frankie O'Keefe: How?
Patrick Jane: Out of arrogance... stupidity. I made an evil man very angry and he killed them to teach me a lesson. To make me sorry for what I've done... and I am sorry. Being sorry is far worse punishment than being dead, everybody dies... very few people ever feel truly sorry for the bad things they've done.

It's like a master class in dishonesty.

He was a futile lord ruling over a town of downtrodden serfs.

Lisbon: You're a wanted man.
Jane: Well, I like to think so.

Just me and my demons and their not going to hurt you.

The Mentalist Quotes

There's excitement afoot.


I'm pretty handy with a kettle. You should trust me.