I don't truly believe anything.

Oh! You got an owwie.

Oh, I don't need a doctor. Frauds in white coats.

Teresa Lisbon. That's a nice name.

Trust your instincts, Lisbon.

Oh come on, please. It's not like I haven't abducted people before.

Lisbon: I told you.
Jane: Told me what?
Lisbon: You can't quit, you're having too much fun.

Sarcasm doesn't suit you much at all.

I understand you Kim. I understand you very well. Better than you do yourself.

Tea? It's like a hug in a cup.

Erika: I always think of you as having a plan but never admitting it.
Jane: Funny, that's how I think of you.

Bosco: They're Jane's people. They need watching.
Lisbon: I like to think of them as my people.
Bosco: Well, think what you like. I can't have them trying to pull some cheap stunt behind my back.
Jane: Well, we have a whole range of expensive stunts if you don't like the cheap ones