Do not trust anyone in law enforcement. Anyone at all.

I know you're drug dealers. I don't judge. I'm wanted for homicide myself in the US.

Teresa Lisbon: Would you be surprised if I said I loved you?
Patrick Jane: I'd be lying if I didn't say I'd be moved by that.
Teresa Lisbon: I love you. I said it.
Patrick Jane: I'm surprised.

Don't fret. Rich dead men don't go unclaimed for very long.

But I'm not po po - I am a po po consultant.

Hunting monsters changes you.

You look beautiful, like a princess. An angry little princess. Someone stole your tiara.

Jane: Hmm I did say.
Kristina: You did.

This man's dead. I'm all but certain of it.

You look good. Orange suits you.

There's excitement afoot.

She believes, poor soul, in a benevolent universe.