Keep it in the dojo Phil.

Tea? It's like a hug in a cup.

Open sesame.

You had her at Little Lady.

It's the man who watches the watchman.

(to Jane) You, you're golden.


Officer: So you are Patrick Jane?
Patrick Jane: All day, every day, unfortunately.

Your the man nobody wants to look like so I'm guessing your Mr. Vega.

I know you're drug dealers. I don't judge. I'm wanted for homicide myself in the US.

Jane: They argued.
Deb: How do you know they argued?
Jane: He is dead.

Only a scheming and conniving person would so callously try to get a cast mate fired.

Patrick Jane: Hello Mrs. Tolliver?
Mrs. Tolliver: Who are you?
Patrick Jane: I'm Patrick Jane. I'm here to help you.