Tea? It's like a hug in a cup.

Thank you for your tea - very tasty.

BOLO schmolo. We need to reach a wider audience.

I'd kill for a cup of tea right now.

Would the world really miss him if something happened?

You really want me to tell you? It's going to ruin the surprise.

Lisbon: Are you kidding? Handcuffs?
Jane: The latest educational tool.

We should do this again.

Someone just wanted the dead guy dead.

Jungle theme. It's classy.

Jane: You look marginally rested.
Lisbon: I was hoping to actually get to REM sleep tonight.

A little heckling and you blow a simple pass. You're losing your touch.

The Mentalist Quotes

I'm just poking at you. It's awfully instructive.


Jane: I don't want you involved.
Lisbon: I am involved.
Jane: Not anymore.