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Ted: Chinese [food]?
Barney: I don't like Chinese.
Ted: Indian?
Barney: I just said, I don't like Chinese.
Ted: Indian isn't Chinese.
Barney: Weird meats, funny music, side of rice. Why are we splitting hairs?
Ted: Mexican?
Barney: I just said, I don't like Chinese!

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Half of d things had been gvn 2wrld is due2 india,knwldge n benefits 4rm spices,digit0,yoga,yummy curries,amazng cultures and traditions,india iz a gem of asia,vry dif 4rm any othr country,evry country havs sum gud n bad qualities in it,minus d negativity n enjoy d goodnes of india...


Some people realy dnt knw abt india cmpltly,nor even abt food,culture history,bt stil juz goes on talkn abt india is diz,india is dat lol...


Seriously, I laughed for like a minute when I saw this