Liz: Cross-promotional... deal mechanics... revenue streams... jargon... synergy.
Jack: That's the best presentation I've ever heard.

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Revenue streams... 1) Cross-Promotional = Blue Men meetS Boy George
2) Deal Mechanics = Comcast buying NBC, then Comcast will turn around and screw me who pays a $160 monthly bill already...gee Comcast, just take my entire unemployment check... 3) REVENUE STREAMS - ANYTHING TINA DOES....MAGIC, GLITTER, GOOD TASTE, AND IF I WAS PALIN....I'D BE NOT WANTN TO WALK OUTSIDE IN FEAR OF TINA IS ALOT BETTER LOOKING.... 4)Jargon synergy - my typos since last summer on this site, but PAM AT THE OFFICE - understands me, we are cut from the same HR department = both got a A in shorthand in 1910.