Kramer: Oh, congratulations.
Maryedith: What for?
Kramer: Well, you're pregnant.
Maryedith: What?
Kramer: You're not pregnant?
Maryedith: No, I'm not pregnant!
Kramer: Are you sure you're not pregnant?
Maryedith: Yes, I'm sure!
Kramer: That's weird.
Maryedith: Come on, Matthew.
Matthew: No.
Maryedith: Come on, Matthew!
(She starts to walk away with Matthew)
Kramer: I thought she was pregnant.

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Seinfeld Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

I'm not saying anything, I'm putting it in the vault, I'm locking the vault. It's a vault!


Nobody drives like me. Nobody. I'm doing things in this car, you have no idea they're going on.