People don't get what they deserve. They just get what they get. There's nothing any of us can do about it.


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why do cruel people put their sights on good people. Will a civil moral place ever be. Ive been threw so many experiences with corrupt government. Their is no justice for all. The good are punished like jesus. The good see the evil and corruption will anyone stop the tyrants and power seeking evil which is government and in my opinion most people. We put down animals but we cant put people out of our misery and pain. Its all money if your not living the tyrants wont get paid. If you try and try to get out of life your punished if you dont succeed. The world will always be twisted fake people who have to not care for others. sad but true id write an impact of government cruelty on my body for everyone to see with permission signed on my cold dead body to share our unjust world for people who want to see any good real care and emotion out of anyone well they cant they are busy being slaves in this set up unjust uncivil unmoral place where power is constantly abused and the weak are targeted again and again. Even near death not even at my hand seems to not change anything. We mean less to eachother than ever. Cold we have to live to suffer to get by while we are helping people ontop make more money by having every kind of power over us.


Spoken as a true bleating sheep! I will (okay, it’s shall) cut your head off and put it on a stick: then you will "get what you get" and we with spinal cords (and guns) will, indeed, get that which we deserve. (And these British cows wonder why they lost the war....with everyone!) No matter, we crude "Colonials" will once again save your sorry asses when the "balloon goes up" and you soil your royal shorts! Dr. Robert X. Seligman
Cheyenne, WY
(listed in the phone book if you wish to pursue the matter) That said, be smarter than your British brothers i.e. don’t bring your umbrella (bumbershoot) to a gun fight!

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House Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Driver: What, you think I'm gonna rob the place?
Thirteen: No, of course not.
Driver: In case you haven't noticed, I have a job.
Thirteen: You're either honest or dishonest. I figured the safer choice is...
Driver: To treat a total stranger like an ass. Nice way to live your life. Bitch.

Dr. Foreman: Notice anything odd about the shape of the fluid collection?
House: Oh, God, it's... the Virgin Mary.