Buster: Hey, brother, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your speech yesterday -- about family and being true to ourselves.
Michael: Oh ... well, I'm glad it made an impact.
Buster: Yeah. I never want to look at mom again.

Hey, brother-in-law.


Tobias: No, no, no, there's a shower scene? I have to be nude?
Carl Weathers: Hey, you don't shower with your clothes on, now, do you?

Marta: Well, as you said, finding out who you really are, it can be painful, but you can't live a lie.
Michael: No, I can't, but some people find a way to make that work.

Michael:So, on a very unusual Valentine's Day, cheers to Mom and Dad, to Buster and Lucille....
Buster: Don't forget my girlfriend.
Michael: That's who I meant.

Tobias: 14 years of lies. Yes, I'm the doctor. The perfect husband. The big manly man. The big strong daddy. Do you know the last time that I made love to my wife?
George Michael: No.
Tobias: I'll tell you when.
George Michael: No, don't.

George Michael: What are you doing?
Maeby: I'm just trying to throw stuff at my dad's head, but the wind keeps taking it.

Jessie: Daddy lost his shot at happy and it's all your fault, Opie.
Narrator: Jessie had gone too far and she had best watch her mouth.

Gentlemen, we do not wave our genitals at one another to make a point!

George Sr.
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