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Really? You made a movie about a battleship? Man, just thanks for Aspen Extreme.


You're a middle aged white guy. What the fuck do you know about black culture?

Peter Berg

Kali: Will you stop calling me a fucking bitch please!
Samurai: Come on Ma, I was just peacocking baby.
Hank: She is a beautiful woman, true dat.
Samurai: What's with the use of all the urban patois man?
Hank: Hey its the ABC's of me baby.

Tyler: What? You don't want a man pound?
Hank: Not really, especially when you put it that way.

I'm not twelve, you can't bribe me anymore. Well you can, but you have to adjust for lifestyle and inflation.


Some girls are timid and lack focus, but you, you should be in porn.

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