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Young Cissy: Oh, my sweet Jesus, he's....he's.... What's wrong with him?
Woman: He's perfect.

Blake: Start shooting! Start shooting!
Morgan: Where?
Blake: Everywhere!

JJ: How are you doing?
Blake: My hair smells like a dirty sock but...other than that, I'm fine.
JJ: Okay. How are you doing?
Blake: I just, I couldn't breathe.
JJ: We put 30 bullets into that water. He's dead, Alex. He's dead.

No one is ever a victim, although your conquerors would have you believe in your own victimhood. How else could they conquer you? - Barbara Marciniak


Morgan: Daria, when you ran weren't you afraid they might find you?
Daria: Yes. But I was hoping someone else might find me first. Where were you?
Morgan: We were on our way.

Morgan: When Joe got mad, was he always out of control? What did he do to you? I need the details, Daria.
Daria: He'd punch us so hard we couldn't see for a week. He'd tie us to the radiator. God, I hated that radiator.

Rossi: He seems forthcoming.
Hotch: That could be the behaviour of an innocent or a psychopath.

Rossi: I find it interesting that Daria never asked Colby for help. She was there when they played poker.
Reid: Maybe she couldn't because she was still under Joe's control.

Morgan: It wasn't Colby who put the holes in those victims, it was you.
Daria: You're wrong.
Morgan: No, I'm not.
Ellen: Agent Morgan----
Morgan: Ellen, just listen. These are facts. Daria, you're the one with OCD. You're the one that kept that place clean. Joe forced you to participate. He made you clean up after his crime. It's how he controlled you, Daria. And to deal with the pain, your mind had just snapped. It let you think that it was someone else who was participating - his friend Coby.

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