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ALEX: "Nice panties, Yang!"
CRISTINA: "In your dreams, Evil Spawn!"

DEREK: "Addison kissed me. Meredith kissed me. My girlfriend and my wife kissed me on the same day."
MIRANDA: "McDreamy, go sit over by someone who cares."

MALE NURSE: "I'm telling your intern on you."
CRISINA: "Meredith?"
CRISTINA: "Ooh, I'm so scared!"

CRISTINA: "Will you get me a latte?"
MOTHER: "A non-fat one?"
CRISTINA: "No, a FAT one!"

GEORGE: "You're officially AWOL, you know."
CRISTINA: "I'm working. I'm trying to figure out what's going on with the crazy woman on four."
GEORGE: "You are the crazy woman on four."
CRISTINA: "I made a break for freedom."

[pointing to her mom] "I... will... kill her!"


"Derek... have you ever thought that even if I am Satan and an adulterous bitch that I still might be the love of your life?"


DEREK: "You really are Satan, you realize that right? If Satan were to take physical form he'd be you, everywhere. All the time."
ADDISON: "I am not Satan."
DEREK: "How come you haven't gotten on your broomstick and gone back to New York where you belong?"
ADDISON: "Stop being petty."
DEREK: "Stop being an adulterous bitch."
ADDISON: "You know there was a time when you though of me as your best friend."
DEREK: "There was a time that I thought you were the love of my life. Things change."

ADDISON: [interrupts Meredith and Derek kissing] "Well, isn't this cozy? Can I join in, or are you not in to threesomes?"
MEREDITH: "I have to go."

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